Krishna Rejeesh Doing post-graduation

Hii friends
In my concept a teacher should be friendly with their students. And more interact with their students and identify their weekest area and help them to improve.and teacher should have very good knowledge about the subject.and refer about the topic before to take class and clearily give idea to your students about the topic.teaching is an art it should always be neet and clear.and always try to clear all doubts of your a good teacher to your means of interacting more to your students is the best way to help your students


  • Anatomy and Physiology (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Biology (Beginner-Intermediate)


No experience mentioned.


  • MPH (Nov, 2018 - now) from Ananthapuri institute of research

Fee details

    100-500/hour (US$1.42-7.12/hour)

    My charges is based on the hours.and I will take class full time on holidays and on working days class will be after 8:00 o clock