Abhas Kumar B.tech Graduate from IIIT kalyani Computer Science

I do not skip any element while teaching by assuming it to be trivial for a student as i realise leaving any concept which seems to me as trivial might not be the same for a student learning the concept very first time.

I take teaching as a huge responsibility as "not learning" is far better than learning something wrong .Teaching wont be just a money making affair for me,i realise that empowering a student with education has a much bigger picture besides money.

Also i have a collection of teaching nitty-gritties i have acquired by many excellent teacher i have learnt from since my school days,i will make best use of all best features my teachers had.


  • Science (Grade 6-Grade 12)

  • C (Grade 10-Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Maths (Grade 6-Grade 12)

  • Physics (Grade 6-Grade 12)

  • Chemistry (Grade 6-Grade 12)


No experience mentioned.


  • B.Tech computer science (Jul, 2015 - now) from IIIT kalyani- scored 8.8 CGPA

Fee details

    1500-3000/month (US$21.35-42.7/month)

    It can vary based on time and place.