Vandana Raj Assit Professor

As a teacher, I would say teaching student by understanding his/her level,and giving example from real or practicle life which he/she can relate to .My job is Invoking curiosity, motivating, provoking thinking and applying the concept taught .I have .I have qualified Gate exam.As far as my teaching style,I think explaining each and every minute details of the definition or pararaph in simple plain english /vernacular language.Methodology of teachiing as online tutor would be providing simple notes which you feel very interesting not a boring material .You can also contact me via email/phone as well but phone only at specified hour


  • Computer networking (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Database Management Systems (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • English Grammar (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Basic Electronics (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Data structures using c++ (Beginner-Intermediate)


  • Assit Prof (Aug, 2013 - Aug, 2015) at U.I.E.T Kurukshetra
    Job Title
    Assitant Prof.

    Reports To
    The Assitt.Prof. will report to Faculty Incharge.
    Job Overview
    Teaching job requires understanding the level of the students, their requirements .Every student is different and it is very challenging to satisfy each and every student requirement.
    Responsibilities and Duties

    • Prepare well each and every aspect of the lesson before the delivery of the lesson
    • Interact with the students to induce curiosity, motivate, and provoke thinking, imagination and application of the concept taught
    • Give activity/application- based work/assignment beyond the book, with guidance to use various resources and keep a record of the work given
    • Maintain cleanliness and discipline.
    • Mark the attendance of the students in the class register
    • Attend the training programmes
    • Mtech
    • 1.6 year experience
    • C/C++, CCNA, Matlab, Data structure DBMS, Digital electronics,computer networkin.
    • Love experimenting
    • Qualified Gate


  • M.TECH (Aug, 2013 - Aug, 2015) from U.I.E.T Kurukshetra

Fee details

    200-500/hour (US$2.8-6.99/hour)