Suranya Das Btech computer science lecture

I can assure you that a friendly teaching method to the students,and,without having over stress and burden will get the better result,
Previous question paper discussion. Assignments homeworks,
trying to cover all syllabus with in one month also help and motivate the student who do have exam fear .give more focus on to the student who have less catching skill compared to others.and will give better result on their career .and also will share the new technologies and inventions which Will help the students to sart the career themselves.


  • Computer Science (Grade 8-Masters (Postgraduate))

  • C (Diploma-Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Data Structures (Diploma-Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms (Diploma-Bachelors (Undergraduate))


  • Btech,amie lecture (Mar, 2018 - Jan, 2019) at Jyotish academy
    Worked as amie computer science lecture at jyothish academy,handled data structure,design and analysis of algorithm,c programing,compiler design,


  • Mtech (Aug, 2016 - Oct, 2018) from Gisat kottayam

Fee details

    3500-4000/month (US$50.12-57.28/month)

    If home teaching required then the amount will vary based on place time and travel expences