ONLINE CLASS ON SKYPE OR ZOOM OR MICROSOFT TEAMS FOR for 👉English language 👉literature 👉Social sciences👉humanities
✅ENGLISH LANGUAGE writing,composition,creative writing/comprehension/grammar/word building,spellings/speaking/reciting (given special importance and lots of practice.)Key features-
1.grammar basic to advanced
2. Comprehension reading poetry and prose passage.
3.useful vocabulary
4. Writing articles, debates, speech, letter, notice, email, report, essay
5.regular homework and tests
6. Sample papers are practiced
7.Analysis of stylistic devices in prose and poetry
8.Reading aloud, reciting and speaking on topics
English grammar, comprehension reading, writing, effective use of language requires ardent efforts and sincerity. Students are encouraged to look beyond the curriculum and enrich learning.
✅English literature
1.literature course books are followed.Text analysis, discussion, value based questions, extra questions, m.c.q. and analytical ones are discussed. Past papers and sample papers with regular revision tests are conducted .
3. Students are to share views, write assignments, and develop a habit of interpretation and forming critical arguments
4. ICSE-ISC ENGLISH Shakespeare, poetry, prose classes with detailed text discussion and lots of questions practised.

1. CBSE social science/studies incorporates a huge syllabus comprising of history, political science, geography, economics and some topics of sociology. Hence, it requires at least 3 days a week @1 hour to deal with the entire syllabus meticulously.
2. Not only reading chapters, and practicing questions students are asked to make presentation, analyse and interpret topics. This enables the students to find interest and also develop their ability to read and interpret.
3. M.C.Q questions and passage based questions are given special practice along with periodic tests and evaluation

CBSE board classes are available for-
1. history
2. political science
3. psychology
Weekly 2 days class,notes are given and plenty of questions, worksheets, sample papers are practiced.Revision tests are taken.

1. class available on Skype, zoom, Microsoft teams
2. demo or trial class available but its charged [100Rs]
3. online fees payment available, also fees must be paid at the beginning of each month in advance(delay in fees payment is not accepted)
4. online homework submission and correction
5. online tests(written and spoken)
6. Power point presentation is assigned to students based on their curriculum

Having spoken of the above subjects the course format and methodology one thing should be clear that grammar is given emphasis which most parents prefer.Parents tell me always that language is the place where most of the students make mistake. Hence, i try to keep language classes a must.
NOWADAYS, online courses are the trend because of the fast paced schedule, to make online learning fun students are asked to make presentation, create short skits, work out assignment, speak on topics which encourages creativity and knowledge building.
Taking this opportunity to thank parents and students for their committed support


  • English (Grade 6-Grade 12)

  • Social Studies (Grade 6-Grade 12)

  • English composition (Grade 6-Grade 12)

  • English Grammar (Grade 6-Grade 12)

  • Creative writing (Grade 6-Grade 12)

  • CBSE English (Grade 6-Grade 12)

  • CBSE Social science (Grade 6-Grade 12)

  • Writing skills (Grade 6-Grade 12)

  • English comprehension reading (Grade 6-Grade 12)

  • English ISC (Grade 11-Grade 12)

  • English (ICSE) (Grade 6-Grade 12)


No experience mentioned.


  • English grammar and vocabulary (advanced) (Feb, 2020 - Feb, 2020) from Alison Online Study Centre
  • esl (Dec, 2019 - Mar, 2020) from Saylor academy
  • b.a.hons. (Jul, 2009 - Apr, 2012) from University of Calcutta, Kolkata, West Bengal

Fee details

    250-350/hour (US$3.35-4.7/hour)

    @250-350Rs per hour
    2. CBSE /ICSE ENGLISH 6-12 @250 RS PER HOUR.
    (3DAYS A WEEK)
    ISC ENGLISH @350Rs per hour
    History-civics Political science Psychology 11-12@ 250Rs per hour

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5 out of 5

User Photo November 29, 2020
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Focuses on basics

Shreya really focuses on the basics to make sure that the students able to apply the knowledge correctly. Shreya also correct the homework and gives valuable feedback. She allows the students to ask questions and allows the student to say wether she is moving to fast. She also allows the student to interact so that they are not zoning out.

User Photo November 25, 2020
Payment not verified

A wonderful & highly recommended teacher

She has excellent ability to find out what is needed and how to help students.
She uses different teaching techniques to widen my vision. She is friendly and answer everything very patiently. I learned a lot. Thank you teacher Shreya

User Photo May 30, 2020
Payment not verified

Highly Recommend

Shereya Mam is highly motivating the children to learn and make thg easy for the kids.
My son is feeling confident in his English Grammer subject till whtever she jas taught. Thank u Mam for ur support.🙏🙏

User Photo April 30, 2020
Payment not verified

Professional and good in her job

Shreya has now completed 12 classes with my daughter online classes..
I find her knowledge teaching ability to be quite good and relevant to my daughters teaching requirements of pol sc and English... So highly recommended...

User Photo April 5, 2020
Payment not verified

Recommended for English

Shreya is very talented English tutor. She is teaching English to my daughter. My daughter is in 10th Grade. I recommend her for English. I will update this review with my full experience after a couple of months

User Photo March 2, 2020
Payment not verified

Highly Recommended

I am very happy with Shreya Mam. She is teaching English and Social Science to my son who is studying in class 8 in ICSE board. She is very dedicated and detail oriented and we have seen a lot of improvement in my son.
I am highly recommending Shreya Mam.

User Photo March 2, 2020
Payment not verified

Highly recommended!

Very knowledgeable teacher. I approached her for learning vocabulary for my public service commission exam. She managed to improve my vocab in very short span of time. I highly recommend her.

User Photo January 4, 2020
Payment not verified

Competent teacher

Taught my son topography within a short period of time. We are grateful. Thanks.