David Chan Electornics Professional

In the field of technology, which is a rapid growing industry students must have a strong background in these areas. I have been trained in class and out of class in the field for many years which gives me a better approach to teach with a hands on method. Students under my control will get real world experiences. Based on these experience virtual laboratories can be constructed to enhance the learning experience.
At the end of these lessons the students will seamlessly be able to undertake any job with confidence and will know where to start to perform their duties.The training involves many laboratories with real world circuits analysis and real world application of lessons taught. In the event of further help after course completion I will make myself available for any further questions with regards to lessons taught. Electronics and electrical for beginners can be very tedious and boring but with practical tools these subjects can be made into fun activities. Which is what i intend to do so that the learning experience can be worth while. These lessons will be targeted as vocational training to help in any area of academics.


  • Electronic circuits (Beginner-Expert)

  • Electrical circuits (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Basic Electronics (Beginner-Intermediate)

  • Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Beginner-Intermediate)


  • Radar Field Tehcnician (Jul, 2007 - Oct, 2011) at Indra, Spain
    Radar Installation services all over Central America and some parts of south America. Commissioned to install radio links from radar center to commercial airports. Install power generation systems on radar sites, Install rotating antennas for secondary monopulse radars. Install dta transimssion equipment from radar sites to control centers
  • Aeronautical Technician (Jul, 1998 - Jul, 2007) at Corporacrion de Servicos de Navegacion Aerea
    maintain and repair, communications equipment, VSAT Equipment, power generation systems, It equipment, RF equipment, and Radar systems
  • Electronic Instructor (Sep, 1994 - Dec, 1995) at Center For Employment Training
    Contract work for electronic students commissioned to train them for immediate employment in the industry.
  • Electrical Technician (Jul, 1984 - May, 1992) at Belize Sugar Industries
    Industrial Electrical maintenance Technician. In charge of maintaining plc logic,electrical motor repair, power generation maintenance, motor rewinding


  • Aeronautical Electrical and Electronic Technician (Jul, 1998 - Jul, 2007) from Instituto Cenetro Americano de Servicios de navegacion Aerea
  • Advanced Electronic Troubleshooting Techniques (Feb, 1988 - May, 1992) from Cleveland Institute of Electronics
  • Secondary (Sep, 1978 - Jun, 1983) from Kings College Belize

Fee details

    BZ$50/hour (US$24.75/hour)