Fairuz Anika Anista Teacher

As I'm hard working and creative person with optimistic quality. Very much supportive to the students and want to make their studies easier for them, my style for the students is I make the studies interesting and more comfortable for them and I have other options for them to make their every single chapter easy and understandable. I make my students more comfortable by their study level and make them more knowledgeable. And brings a better result always all that thing are different than other. And every student want that kind ok teacher always. Make them more caurageous and attentive.


  • English (Grade 8-Grade 12)

  • Maths (Grade 1-Grade 9)

  • Design (Grade 1-Grade 9)

  • Art and Craft (Grade 1-Grade 11)

  • Handwriting (Grade 1-Grade 8)


  • Bachelors degree of Business (Sep, 2018 - Present) at North South University, Dhaka
    I am a well organized person with great leadership and analytical ability


  • Business Administration (Sep, 2018 - now) from North South University, Dhaka- scored 2.24

Fee details

    10000-15000/month (US$118.33-177.49/month)