Jayvind Bhadana Teacher

I am dynamic, patient, understanding and caring. I enjoy the company of young people and have the ability to see things from various points of view. I know how to explain concepts in several different ways depending upon the needs of my students. My sense of humor helps hou put troublesome situations into perspective. I am enthusiastic about teaching and I transmit my enthusiasm to my students, making even the boring appear interesting. I explain how individual parts fit into the whole. I pay attention to detail. I have no embarrassment about explaining bodily functions to teens who might not have the maturity to deal with the subject matter seriously. I can relate the subject matter to the students’ lives (especially in terms of social and personal perspectives) in an enthusiastic engaging manner. I Use a variety of teaching methodologies including inquiry, cooperative learning, problem-based learning, concept mapping, simulation, debates, and other active learning strategies rather than relying on lectures in which students are passive learners. Establish positive and frequent communications with parents and guardians through newsletters, e-mail, and phone conversations about the status of their students, including student successes.


  • Biology (Grade 9-Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Zoology (Grade 9-Masters (Postgraduate))


No experience mentioned.


  • M.sc (Zoology) (Jul, 2010 - Aug, 2012) from Ch. Charan singh university, Meerut

Fee details

    5,000-8,000/month (US$69.94-111.9/month)