Gunjan Jaggi Kohli Accounts manager

I am CA final student. Teaching has always been my passion. I have been coaching students for more than past 5 years. My students say if anyone learns tenses used in English language from he/she will never be able to forget it. I believe in drawing mind images. For me it is bery important that the student visualizes the concept. If he/she is able to visualise something that I have taught then I believe half of my job is done. I use real time examples to relate things. My approach is very student friendly. I will explain things 10 times if it is not clear to the student. If a student asks me a query I try and understand that what must have confused my student amd then I explain everything again in a very simple manner. I use charts and diagrams as my teaching technique. I give regular assignment to assess the progress of my student. The feedback of my students about me has alwys been of a friendly teacher. I am very approachable. I try n teach student like I am drawing on a clean slate every time. I do not assume that this student by far must know atleast this much according to his class standard. I try and teach everything from grass root level in order to make concepts crystal clear. I am sure I u engage wid me you will also hopefully hav a very positive feedback abt me.


  • English (Grade 1-Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Maths (Grade 1-Grade 9)

  • Academic English (Grade 1-Grade 12)

  • Law (Bachelors (Undergraduate))

  • Hindi (Grade 1-Grade 10)


  • Tutor (May, 2012 - Present) at Personal Tutoring
    I have been coaching students of all grades from more than past 5 years . My forte is English. I am very good in Mathematics and commerce subjects. I have been a state level scholarship hokde in Sanskrit. My way of teaching is very student friendly.



Fee details

    2500-6000/month (US$34.94-83.86/month)