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namaskaram to everyone over there,
This is Devika kadiyam and I'm an med student at carrebian islands, I'm a student
I'm here today to let you all know that I'm a professional Kuchipudi classical dancer
with of experience 15yrs and started dancing at the age of 4 and took it professionally at the age of 11.
and I'm the one who believes that...

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I have been in the teaching profession for over 25 years simply because I naturally love to share information, encourage students and derive utmost satisfaction when I have taken them from Point A to Point B. First and foremost I try my best to connect with my students, make them feel relaxed and from there I am usually able to recognize their...

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If you don't think Histology can be made easy and fun to learn, I can change that with you. Histology is best learnt by integrating it with cell biology and physiology. Questions is part of the learning process. Therefore, multiple quizzes will be used throughout the course. We will go slowly, but surely and make sure to scaffold information and...

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