Tutors in Chandrapur

I am maths loving person.I know that maths is a difficult subject.I will surely make it as interesting as possible.All of you must have heard that pratice makes a man perfect.My belief is that the above quote holds best for mathematics.So I will be in giving more pratice problems, assignments, worksheets so that a students becomes perfect in all...

  • Chandrapur
  • 300/hr
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I can explain really well untill the students get it.i explain with examples.if student won’t get it or poor with his studies i will give more time and calmly explain again. I can be a best teacher for a student.I can handle nearly 30 to 35 students. I can make basic concepts clear of the subject if student is not clear with it. I pay more...

  • Balharshah
  • 1000/hr
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  • 3.0 yr.
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