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Teaching is very important for me as it gives me a chance to provide my knowledge and skills to the students.Today we live in a very challenging environment and it is a must that we should have an upper edge over others if we have to succeed in the competitive world.
Without Maths life is so difficult, and I am ready to work like slave for...

  • Gadhinglaj
  • 250/hr
  • 1.0 yr.
  • 7.0 yr.
  • 50 km
  • 1 km

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knowledge is my identity, i am expert in teaching and i know the teaching methods of sciences, biology, NEET exam, students are easy to understand the concepts.
using presentation,i can show the pictures of concepts and some animation of concepts which is helpful to students.
motivation is the key factor in teaching because it increases...

  • Gadhinglaj
  • 300/hr
  • 5.0 yr.
  • 8.0 yr.
  • 50 km
  • 1 km