Tutors in Liechtenstein

Particularly adept at the creation of a stimulating learning environment for students to study in
Possess a genuine enthusiasm and passion for teaching math
Knowledge of online learning platforms and how they assist students with learning outside of the classroom
Excellent subject knowledge
Proficient in the use of new media such as the...

  • Liechtenstein
  • Fr.50-150/month
  • 5.0 yr.
  • 12.0 yr.
  • 1 km

For combustion modelling NUMECA offers a variety of tabulated chemistry models (equilibrium, flamelet, FGM, …) since they are reliable and computationally efficient. The combustion tables are generated using TabGen/Chemistry, which is NUMECA's table generation tool and is based on TU Eindhoven's 1D chemistry solver Chem1d. Unless equilibrium...

  • Vaduz
  • Fr.12/hour
  • 0.0 yr.
  • 0.0 yr.
  • 4 km