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I am an English teacher. I've been teaching English for 11 years. This is my passion.
I can prepare you for such exams as FCE/CAE Cambridge or TOEFL ibt. I choose an individual learning style based on your needs. I have got more than 500 students who passed TOEFL and Cambridge with me. TOEFL average score is >than 96 points. FCE and CAE...

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I'm a teenage girl who tutors English to mostly children living in Moldova. I know multiple languages that i use to try to explain the rules of the english language. I haven't done any online tutoring yet, though i am willing to try. I will tutor anyone that doesn't exceed the age of 18. I started tutoring to save up money for university and i...

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Hi !
My name is Kate and I am a medical student enthusiast that spent a lot of time and effort to study medicine and came to love it. I know medicine can be challenging especially in the first years, so I’m here to help other students understand the subject and make it easier for you to understand hundreds of pages quicker and in a more efficient...

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evreting u can if u are serios

math and autodesk programs very simpaficate aur time in aur profrssion
I has been awardwd the muster degree studies in 2014
also i practice and learn at my main job
My specialization structural engenering
I love my specialization, love buildings and arhitecture engineering real and theoretic parts


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