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My name is Munkhshur (Shuree) I'm from Mongolia and I'm professional contortionist and performer and yoga teacher. I've been working as professional contortionist over 20 years and teaching yoga professionally for the last 8 months. Yoga exercises are very similar to contortion exercise and has a lot in common. If anyone interested to learn any...

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Any subject in the world, however complex and difficult to understand, is perfectly comprehensible if it's broken down to its bare fundamentals. In that, anyone is perfectly capable of learning anything he or she wants. Understanding the material is the first in mastering the subject. Therefore, I make it so that my students understand everything...

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  • Dulguun 8.0 in IELTS, lived in Australia and Canada

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Lived in Canada for 1 year to study for my major(Computer Science), currently on break due to pandemic, lived in Australia for 2 years learning fluent English.

IELTS score of 8.0 overall.
Listening 8.5 Reading 7.5 Writing 8.0 Speaking 7.0
IGCSE English, B.
A level Information Technology, B.

Have been teaching as a teacher's assistant for...

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