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After stellar success of, we decided to build something even better for you. We call it

Principles of previous versions

TutorIndia, the forerunner of TeacherOn was built on certain key principals:

  1. Information should be free - People who can not afford to pay should not be forced to. 
  2. Ease of operation - You should be able to create student and teacher profile easily and able to contact each other easily. We even kept phone numbers public. No website ever does that. That's how they make money, by restricting information.
  3. Inclusion of everybody in India - All websites focus on big and important cities. We built our software to accommodate small towns, villages, and remote locations as well. You responded by making TutorIndia one of the top resources for tutors and teaching jobs in India. Regular Thankyou emails from you helped a lot as well.

As with all good things, spammers, irresponsible and bad people start to take advantage of this openness and ease:

  1. New websites call tutors in bulk, repeatedly, without any concern for "Do not call request" and DND rules as given by the government. Many people tried to hire me as well.
  2. Spammers started contacting tutors with promises of free money, better sex and free trips to Goa.
  3. Overzealous tutors and companies would contact students/parents without even reading the requirements, at times, repeatedly. This led to very bad experience for students and parents who trusted us with finding them a tutor.

These limits were because as a free site there were limits to what we could do.  Some people wanted a Premier service where we really put effort into ensuring the tutors were all genuine and the right person for them, this, of course, needs a team of people and a large amount of work that has to be funded.

In addition to this, as website grew, expenses grew as well. So funding it became necessary.Here's how we dealt with bad elements while improving user experience at the same time.

Principles of TeacherOn

  1. Information should be free
  2. Ease of operation
  3. Inclusion of everybody in the world, including remote areas in small and poor countries
  4. Quality of information - Even if we have to sacrifice ease of operation a little bit, and exclude some people, the increase in quality takes precedence.
  5. Zero tolerance towards miscreants, spammers, and marketers who care about nothing but their own profit.

How we keep the website free-ish while eliminating spam?

For students: Students can receive unlimited queries for free from tutors. Students are also supposed to put requirements before contacting a tutor. Since most spammers are lazy and won't go through this process, it dampens their motivation a lot.

For tutors: Tutors can also receive unlimited queries from students. 

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