The honesty update

Hi, I am Arun, founder of

Ever since the inception of, I wanted to:

  • Give priority access and reduce the cost for teachers who pay.
  • Serve people even if they don’t pay, because some people just can’t.
  • Make it painfully difficult for spammers to bother teachers and students.
  • Reward teachers for their honesty and civility.

Also, pricing every job at 50 coins was wrong. Some jobs are not worth applying. Some jobs pay a lot. For eg., A Maths home tutoring requirement in London may pay 1000x more than a similar requirement in a remote Indian village. The coins required to apply for a job should accurately reflect that.

We worked tirelessly from last one year towards the above-mentioned goals with only modest success. Now, we have done some awesome new changes which you will love ?. 

If you paid - a small gift: a fresh start

To thank you for your honesty and the trust you place in us, we have given back all the paid coins you spent so far. It will be like you never applied to any job with coins.

If you don’t want to pay

It’s still our privilege to serve you because teachers are the most important part of society. I believe you don’t want to pay because you haven’t found any value with us. It’s upon us to give you the value first.

Therefore, you can:

  1. Wait for student to contact you (free for you).

  2. Apply to jobs which are available for free. A job becomes free to apply after 36 hours if less than 3 tutors apply.

  3. Give out your referral link. When the referred teacher buys coins for the first time, you will get the same number of coins too.

  4. You can also share your teaching experiences to earn coins.

You decide what you pay for a job

  1. Coins required to apply for a job will vary - 0 coins when low competition and as many coins as you decide when competition is high.
  2. For new jobs, the default starting price will be just 1 coin.
  3. Price will increase as more teachers apply.
  4. Your collective response to a job will decide the starting price of similar future jobs.
  5. Whatever the starting price, the price will gradually drop to 0 coins over a period of 36 hours, unless three people apply.

No free coins upon joining

Now, there is no need for free coins upon joining as:

  1. It’s free to apply for jobs to which paid members haven’t applied within 36 hours.

  2. It’s free to receive queries from students.

Improved conversion rate

Due to the above changes, paid members will get priority access and significantly higher conversions to the jobs they apply.

Subjects you teach

Paid members can add a maximum of 20 subjects. For everybody else, it’s still 5 subjects.


In addition to the current ranking factors, the total number of coins you purchase (from the beginning) will be a factor as well. It won’t get you to the top of the list, but it will help.


If a student doesn't see your first message within 15 days, you will get a refund for the same. If a student sees your message after 15 days, it’s free for you.

Referral coins

If anybody registers after visiting your referral link, you will get the coins equivalent to their first purchase.

Receiving queries from students

If a student contacts you personally, it's still free for you.

Existing free coins

All unused free coins have been reversed. 

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