Gravity and the illusion of "Up"

If it wasn’t for earth’s gravity, we would kinda be like the following picture:

In fact, the boy standing at the top would kinda be floating as well. That is assuming we could have any life without gravity. 

No matter where we are on the globe, we have a sense of up and down. That’s because the above image is wrong. The truth looks more like the following image (except the part where everybody holds hands and is happy):

What is up?

"Up" is just away...

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Get payments with Payoneer

If you are in a country that doesn’t support getting payments with PayPal, you can make a Payoneer account to receive payments with us.

We can send payments to US  accounts, and Payoneer gives you a virtual US account. We deposit money in that US account, and Payoneer sends that money in your bank account.

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Register at

Step 2: Get a virtual US account from Payoneer’s dashboard

Step 3: Go to Teacheron’s...

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Get payments via TeacherOn

We have launched a payment option for you to receive payments through us.

Just because you got a student through us, you don’t need to receive payment from that student via us.

Why is it not mandatory to get payments via TeacherOn?

Since most teachers already pay coins to contact students, we feel it is not right to take a commission from earnings as well.

So why did we give this feature?

Many teachers requested this feature to: 

Get payments from...

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Coin Price increase when paying in INR

For the last couple of years, the price for 50 coins was ₹50.
From September 25th, 2019, we are going to link the price of coins to USD. 
This will increase the price of 50 coins to approx ₹70. Also, the price will vary according to the USD-INR rate. 

Why I wrote this post? After I sent the email announcing the price increase, most people just bought coins in bulk. Others mailed us suggesting it’s wrong to increase the price - and we were violating their trust. 


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The price to apply for jobs will now drop faster

The price to contact a student drops gradually to zero if insufficient ( less than 3) teachers contact that student. 

Earlier, the job became free to apply in 48 hours. Now it takes just 36 hours.

Based on the response, we may further reduce it to 24 hours but no promises yet.

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Why is there a wait time to apply to jobs

I have received hundreds of emails from premium members requesting early access to jobs.

We put a lot of time and effort to implement this feature. However, now we are getting emails from non-premium (but paid) members suggesting that the wait is unfair and we are somehow getting greedy.

Why did we do it the way we did?

Giving early access to premium members was obvious and fair. So the decision to give them early access was easy.


All premium members are...

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How to remove personal data from Google

We remove your details from TeacherOn instantly. After that Google automatically removes it after a certain time (which is random and difficult to predict). We can’t control what Google and other search engines show but we can request to speed up the removal process. Here’s how you do it.

For students: Just close your post(s). Have a latte. We will request Google to remove your data immediately.

For teachers: Settings at TeacherOn - You have three options to hide your profile from...

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Why is my data showing up on Google

Google stores our website data like millions of other websites. We don’t have active control over what Google stores, and that data is not always up to date. However, you can request Google to remove a link using their Request removal tool.

Teachers If you have deleted/inactivated your teaching profile but it’s still showing up on google search, copy the link as is displayed in Google search results and request Google to remove it using Google url removals tool.

Students If you...

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The honesty update

Hi, I am Arun, founder of

Ever since the inception of, I wanted to:

Give priority access and reduce the cost for teachers who pay. Serve people even if they don’t pay, because some people just can’t. Make it painfully difficult for spammers to bother teachers and students. Reward teachers for their honesty and civility. Also, pricing every job at 50 coins was wrong. Some jobs are not worth applying. Some jobs pay a lot. For eg., A Maths home tutoring...

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How to get students and teaching jobs

I have been asked this question in million different ways. To be honest, it’s competitive. When you are competing for a single job with thousands of other teachers - especially for online teaching jobs, it’s difficult to stand out.

In my experience, nothing you do is guaranteed. However, as in life, we work hard and increase the probabiliites in our favour. So here are few things you can do to increase your chance of getting students on and on other sites as well.


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