Premium membership changes

We’re revamping how premium membership works to make it fairer for tutors and enable students to find the right tutor quickly.

Issues with the Previous System Students:

We received numerous complaints from students about tutors who were unresponsive or lacked expertise in their advertised subjects. For example, a tutor who paid for prominence in ’Maths tutors’ also appeared at the top of ’Music tutors’ without relevant skills.

Additionally, tutors listed as local were often...

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Get paid in USD via crypto exchanges

Many of our teachers were having trouble receiving funds in their local bank accounts. We were trying to find a way to send funds faster with minimum cost to the teachers.

We can now send your money via crypto faster at no cost to you.

Please enter your crypto address in the Payout settings to receive your money. 

How to find my crypto address? We send money in USD Coin (USDC) using the Solana network. We have made tutorial videos so you can give us the right...

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A word on writing

Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.
-- Francis Bacon

I am by no means an authority on writing or even close. But, I like to learn and have improved over time. Credit goes to giants like William Zinsser (On Writing Well), my high school English teacher Gushminder Singh and good people at

What you are going to read are the notes which I compiled for myself after reading and listening from various sources. I treat these...

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Win $500 for your social media post

There will be 2 winners!

Each gets $500  + Paid opportunity to contribute to our social media feeds.

The winners will be the most interesting or popular posts.

You can do as many posts as you like.

How to enter Simply post videos, images, or even text on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Use #teacheroncontest #teacheron @teacherOnDotCom in addition to any other hashtags you want.

Who can enter the contest? Anybody. In fact,...

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Changes in teacher reviews [Fighting fake reviews]

Reviews are important. What’s even more important is that the reviews are genuine so students can trust the teachers and the website.

If you can’t trust reviews on a website, there is no point in having a review system.

That’s why we are changing how teachers get reviews. 

[Summary] What are the changes? Students will be able to review a teacher only if that student paid that teacher through us.  Existing reviews from students who haven’t paid that teacher through us will...

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Physics of shooting in a bike chase

Here’s a fairly common scene in a lot of action movies: 

A hero (usually male) is riding a bike (a fancy one) very fast while being chased by bad people. These goons aren’t just chasing him, but they are also firing bullets at him. Our hero ducks to dodge the bullet and miraculously dodges every bullet fired his way. 

There is a flaw in this picture: 

Even if we assume our hero has superhuman reflexes, it’s still not possible to dodge bullets just by the sound of the...

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Story of an unwritten story

I have a trampoline on which I love to jump with my 3-year-old kid.

One day, I jumped on it for about half an hour. After I was done, I tried to jump on the floor. It was almost impossible. My ankle just won’t fire. I had this idea — If jumping on a trampoline is like jumping on the moon, then jumping on a planet with more gravity than earth’s gravity would be more difficult.

In order to feel how it would be to jump on a planet with more gravity, you can just jump on a trampoline...

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Fake Currency Puzzle

I made this riddle as a teenager when someone gave me a fake note.

Here’s the riddle:

Let’s say you own a small bakery. Someone came to your shop and purchased goods worth 10 bucks. They gave you a fake note of 100 bucks.

You gave them 90 bucks as change. 

Question: How much did you lose?

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100 bucks. The easiest way to think about this is that if those 100 bucks weren’t fake, then you would have made no profit, no loss. So...

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Origin of phrases and thinking from fundamentals

I live in Punjab. Generally speaking, we like the rain. It cools the hot weather, waters our fields - agriculture is a big part of income, and the produce feeds almost all of India.

So I couldn’t figure out the idiom "Saving for a rainy day." It just seemed so wrong and remained that way for many years. I just couldn’t get myself to use the idiom.

The mystery of the idiom finally got resolved when I went to Belfast, UK for Masters in Business studies. 

People just hated the...

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Gravity and the illusion of "Up"

If it wasn’t for earth’s gravity, we would kinda be like the following picture:

In fact, the boy standing at the top would kinda be floating as well. That is assuming we could have any life without gravity. 

No matter where we are on the globe, we have a sense of up and down. That’s because the above image is wrong. The truth looks more like the following image (except the part where everybody holds hands and is happy):

What is up?

"Up" is just away...

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