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By Wellness World
Pengurusan Emosi ke Arah Kecemerlangan Akademik image

Dalam slide ini, cikgu berkongsi dengan anda semua bagaimana pengurusan emosi boleh membantu meningkatkan pencapaian akademik pelajar.Khas untuk adik-adik yang bakal menduduki peperiksaan Darjah 6, Sekolah Menengah dan...

By Zia Muhammad
Some common GIT diseases with symptoms and solution image

In this package we are having common GIT disease which is really short and easy to review.It is mainly for review purpose and you will like it .It will help you alot.Thank you

By Anup Kundu
Equilibrium conversion when the pressure is 50 atm, Kp = 0.0016 by using Excel Goal Seek image

Methanol is formed by reacting carbon monoxide with hydrogen. (This might be an on-board generation of hydrogen for the hydrogen economy) With the reaction CO + 2H2 ----CH3OH the condition at equilibrium is Kp =y_cH3OH...

By Ashish Kaklotar
Powerpoint PPT Template - Educational Background image

Introducing the PPT Design Template with Educational Background, the ultimate tool to elevate your presentations. Crafted for professionals, educators, and creatives, this template boasts stunning design elements,...

Cracking Conservation of Energy Problems for NEET/JEE Prep (Tamil & English Bilingual) image

Join us in this bilingual physics tutorial, specially curated for NEET and JEE exam aspirants who are proficient in both Tamil and English. In this video, we tackle a series of challenging problems related to the...

By Store of Shubham Goyal
Questions and answers relating to Accounting image

Tiger Limited produces spare parts for aviation industry. The income statements and statements of financial position for 2021 and 2022 are as follows: Income statements for the year ended 31 December 2021 2022 ...

By Store of Shubham Goyal
Questions and Answers of Accounting image

Statement of cash flows Use the information shown on this page and the next to prepare a Statement of Cash Flows (Indirect Method) for the year ending December 31, 2022. Your Statement of Cash Flows should be in good...

7 Years Song Notations image

7 Years is a popular song by Lukas Graham. Many fellows want to play it on a musical instrument but don't know the notes. Play the song '7 Years' on any musical instrument with easy notations with me. Prices are also...

Mastering Potential Energy and the Law of Conservation of Energy: NEET Exam Prep (Tamil ) image

Welcome to a bilingual physics lesson meticulously designed for NEET exam aspirants who are proficient in both Tamil and English! In this comprehensive video, we delve into the intriguing realms of Potential Energy and...

Work and Energy with Variable Forces: NEET Exam Prep (Tamil & English) image

Join us for an engaging bilingual physics lesson designed specifically for NEET exam preparation! In this video, we dive deep into the fascinating world of work and energy, focusing on variable forces. Whether you speak...

By Preethi
Compile notes on Introduction to Accounting image

Hello Learners, In these notes, you will be able to state the meaning, scope, branches of accounting and its principles and conventions of accounting

NEET Physics Practice: Work and Energy Problem Solving in Tamil and English image

Elevate your NEET physics preparation with this video focused on solving problems related to work and energy. Designed for both English and Tamil-speaking students, this video offers a hands-on approach to tackling...

By Ayesha
All APA-style tables in a Word doc image

Struggling with APA table formatting? Worry no more – we've got you covered! Access all the tables you need for your research in perfect APA format.

By E Book Store
Whispers of Wonder: Poems for Young Hearts image

Introduction: Welcome to "Whispers of Wonder: Poems for Young Hearts." Within the pages of this enchanting collection, you will embark on a journey through the world of imagination, where dreams take flight, and the...

By Justin Joy
JIRA Basics image

Jira is a tracking tool that allows software developer to plan, track and work faster. Jira provides an efficient way to collaborate team together and help them meet deadlines. In this section we will over the...

By Anup Singhania - CPA | CFA L2 | 5K+ students | A++
Questions and answers relating to Cost Accounting image

Q1. The volume of books that One.com, an online book retailer, needed to sell in order to break-even in July 2014 was 10,000 units. Fixed expenses per month (salaries and warehousing) are $60,000. The selling price per...

By Anup Singhania - CPA | CFA L2 | 5K+ students | A++
Questions and answers relating to Finance image

The management of Deitrich Inc, a civil engineering design company, is considering an investment in a high-quality blueprint printer...

By Anup Singhania - CPA | CFA L2 | 5K+ students | A++
Questions and answers on Managerial Accounting image

After reading an article about activity-based costing in a trade journal for the furniture industry, Adria Lopez wondered if it was time to critically..

By Anup Singhania - CPA | CFA L2 | 5K+ students | A++
Questions and answers relating to Cost Management image

Balliser Company sells its products for $100 each. The current production level is 30,000 units although only 25,000 units are sold..

By Anup Singhania - CPA | CFA L2 | 5K+ students | A++
Entire case study relating to Great Lakes Industrial Supply Inc image

Chuck Kolias, Chief Financial Officer of Great Lakes Industrial Supply, Inc. was preparing for a meeting with his company’s bank later in the week. At that meeting, Mr. Kolias intended to present a request that the bank...