Refer and earn coins

You can earn coins by sharing your referral link with others. Many teachers get hundreds (even thousands) of free coins every month by using their referral link.

What is my referral link?

You can get your referral link here.

How many coins do I get for each referral?

Coins for a referral vary by country of the person you refer. You can check the complete country-coin list here.

What if someone I refer buys coins?

You will get 10% of the coins they buy as well. 

I referred someone and didn't get coins. Why?

  • If someone joins as a student, we don't give any joining bonus for that. You will get 10% of the coins they buy.
  • For tutors, referral bonus is given only after they complete profile.

Where should I put my referral link?

We have seen excellent work by people who refer us on Facebook. Facebook is great if you want to share with a lot of people. Posting in relevant Facebook groups can be really effective.

You can also share your referral links in blogs, forums, email footers and teaching communities as well. 

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