Get paid securely from students around the world

Now, you can get payments from students anywhere in the world via TeacherOn.

Why did we develop this feature?

We get frequent emails from teachers who gave their services, but students didn't pay them. 

Also, many genuine students don't want to pay in advance because they are afraid of losing money. Many of these students have already lost money to unreliable service providers.

We built this system to prevent fraud and make it easy for teachers and students to trust each other.

How does it work?

  • The student deposits the money by using the "Pay" button on your profile page.
  • We keep the payment (on hold) with us.
  • You deliver the service.
  • The payment is released to you.

Why get payment via TeacherOn?

Getting payments via us has the following advantages. You can:

  • Secure payment before service - prevent fraud - stop losing money.
  • Get advanced payments from students who are hesitant to pay in advance.
  • Get payment from international students.
  • Give students the option to pay by card.
  • Accept payment in 91 currencies. We will convert the money to your currency and deposit to your account.
  • Get reviews with "verified label." - Once a student pays you via us, we know with a fair degree of certainty that the review is genuine. We label reviews by these students as "Verified," which generates extra trust in the students' that visit your profile.

In the future, we will also use reviews to determine tutor rankings and suggestions to students.

Which payment mode can I use to receive payments?

  • Bank account (15% fee) - We can currently send payments to bank accounts in Australia, Canada, India, and the USA.
  • PayPal (15% fee) - PayPal helps us to send money to over 200 countries. When we send you a PayPal payment, we pay the fee so you get the full amount we send. You don't pay the usual 4% fee to PayPal for receiving payments.
  • TeacherOn Coins (10% fee) - For everybody else, you can get paid in TeacherOn coins.

How much is the fee for receiving payments?

It's 15% if you are getting paid in Bank account. It's 10% if you get paid in TeacherOn coins. We use this fee to pay taxes, payment gateway providers (people who help us to collect payment online), and for food. 

How to get payment via TeacherOn?

Once logged in as a tutor, you can go to Menu > Wallet > Accounts (Getting paid) and set up all the ways you would like to be paid. 

Students can go to your profile link and click on the "Pay" button to pay you.

Benefits and disadvantages of getting paid in TeacherOn coins?


  • Only 10% fee as opposed to 15% for other methods
  • Instant access to the credited coins
  • You don't have to buy coins with your money


  • You can spend coins only in TeacherOn and can't buy a Pizza with them.

Is it mandatory to receive payments via TeacherOn?


What to say to students who are not willing to pay in advance?

You can say to the student something like: 

"Please go to my profile and click on the Pay button. There, you can schedule the payment to be released later. The Payment won't be released to me until you are satisfied and release the payment yourself."

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