Your Feedback powers TeacherOn

Your feedback is very important to us. In fact it's so important, that we pay you for the feedback. How many coins we pay depends on the quality of the problem/feature you contact us for. 

Our features are mostly guided by your feedback. It takes time to do things right, but we do get them right, eventually.

We have given 1000s of coins for the bugs which you reported. We can't share the bugs as there are a lot of those. However, following are some of the features we developed in response to user feedback.

Request/Feedback/Problem Solution/Feature
I don't know how many people have already applied to the job. So when I apply to a job to which 100 people have already applied my coins are wasted.  We now show the number of teachers who have already applied to the job.
Spammers contacted me but I didn't know they were spammers until I saw their message. This is a waste of my coins. We made free to receive messages. We also started to refund coins for application to spam jobs.
I applied to many jobs but none of the students replied.  Many times students don't see messages. We now refund coins if a student with unverified phone number doesn't see your message within 15 days.
50 coins to apply to all jobs is very expensive Now teachers decide the coins required to contact students. It can be free or it can be 100 coins or more.
1. A student contacted me and took four sessions but didn't pay me.
2. A teacher took my money but didn't deliver the project as specified.
Now students can pay teachers via our website. We hold the payment to ensure the service is delivered and ensure payment after that. 
I need premium membership so I can come at the top of the listing pages. Now you can get premium member starting with just 1 coin. You decide what you want to pay for the premium membership.
How can I get reviews Now teachers can get reviews from the students who have paid through our website. We took long to launch the review feature but we wanted to ensure that reviews were genuine. Just allowing reviews from students who have paid teachers helps us ensure that they are.
Some students put fake phone numbers We now verify phone numbers with OTP. If a student doesn't verify phone number, then we don't show the phone number.
Premium members are getting access to posts at the same time as non-premium members Now, premium members get notified about a post 2 hours before non-premium members. In addition to that, within that 2 hour period, the more coins a teacher uses for premium membership, the earlier they will have access to that student.

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