Premium membership benefits (for tutors)

Please use the Premium membership calculator to calculate the required coins and buy premium membership.

What are the benefits of premium membership?

Since you can be a premium member for as little as one coin, we don't treat all premium members equally. Premium members with more coins get more benefits than premium members with lesser coins.

  • Early access to jobs: Premium members get a lead of up to 2 hours to apply to a post. Premium members with the highest coins get lead of 2 hours. The lead time decreases according to the coins used for the premium membership. See details about this here.
  • Top Placement in the search results: This leads to more exposure and hence more student inquiries. About 50% of the jobs go directly to teachers without ever being public. If you are a premium member, and on top of the list, it increases your chances of getting those jobs directly. 

Why should I get premium membership for more coins rather than fewer coins?

You shouldn't... unless there is competition. With more coins:

  • You rank higher in the listings than premium members with fewer coins.
  • You get early access than premium members with fewer coins. See details here.

How much does it cost?

Premium membership is renewed on the 1st of every month.

  1. You can take premium membership from as low as just 1 coin per month.
  2. Even if you pay just one coin per month, you will rank above free members.
  3. The more coins you use, the higher you will rank among other premium members.
  4. You can check your rank and the coins required to come at the top using the Premium membership calculator.

What is rank?

Rank is your position on the list when someone searches for the subject you teach. Higher the rank, higher you are in the list - which increases your chance of being contacted by the students.

Is it mandatory?


Is premium membership renewed monthly?

Yes. Coins you chose to use for premium membership are automatically deducted from your TeacherOn wallet on the 1st of every month.


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