How to get students and teaching jobs

I have been asked this question in million different ways. To be honest, it's competitive. When you are competing for a single job with thousands of other teachers - especially for online teaching jobs, it's difficult to stand out.

In my experience, nothing you do is guaranteed. However, as in life, we work hard and increase the probabiliites in our favour. So here are few things you can do to increase your chance of getting students on and on other sites as well.

Put a photo with a clear headshot

Most people see your photo as the first thing. If they see photo of a religious figure, cartoon, scenery etc, they feel as if you are trying to evade. 

In fact, according to our data, profiles with an image with the face clearly visible get contacted at least twice as much as people who have bad photo or no photo at all.

Write a clear and detailed profile description

Treat how you make your profile like a waste of time, that's what it will be. Treat it like an investment, and you will get stellar results. If one can't commit to writing a clear and detailed profile for oneself, which will be viewed by thousands of students, same lazy attitude will be evident in their teaching as well.

Your profile description is the most important deciding factor if students and parents will hire you or not. Ironically, most people want to spend as little time as possible on this section. In, we have a minimum limit of 100 words on the description. This is so that people get engaged enough and they know you enough to contact you. Here are some clear do's and donts for profile description:


  1. Write about your experience.
  2. Write about the positive results your students got.
  3. Write about your education and schooling, especially if from a prominent institution.
  4. Write about your teaching style, methodology.
  5. Use proper punctuations, and capitalization. Use grammarly / microsoft word if you have to. 


  1. Do not make spelling mistakes.
  2. Do not use all capital letters. It not only looks bad and is harder to read, it's considered as bad manners on the web. 
  3. Do not write SMS language. It's unprofessional and casual. You won't write in SMS language in your resume. Don't write here as well.
  4. Do not copy/paste your resume.
  5. Do not put junk characters just to complete the word count. 
  6. Do not put random quotes or philosophy. I have seen some teachers use this really intelligently but in 95% cases, it's wrongly used. Unless you know exactly what you are doing, it's better to avoid using quotations altogether.

Customize your application and be sincere

When you apply to jobs, the first response should convey to the student that you have read their requirements carefully and are responding to them based on that. It shouldn't look as if you are just using a template response. 

Reply promptly to student queries

Put a notification for emails so when you get notification from us, you can promptly apply to jobs and reply to the students. Earlier you contact a student, better is the chance of conversion.

Get premium membership

Premium membership helps you to be at the top of the list when students search for subjects you teach at your location or online. When you are among the top teachers in the list, more students contact you. Get premium membership

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