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Coins - Teacheron Currency

Coins are how you transact on

We have replaced all other kinds of charges and used coins for all dealings on the website. I will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about coins

How can I get coins? 

  • Joining bonus: When you join as a tutor or a student, you are given free coins as a joining bonus. At the time of writing (18 Oct 2016), the bonus is 1000 coins. This will change in the future and will depend on the country you are joining from.
  • Help us improve: You can help us to become better by giving feedback about bugs, improvements, or even ideas. If your feedback is helpful, you can get anywhere from 50 to 5000 coins or even more according to the value provided.
  • Blog: If your content is good and worth publishing, we reward you with coins depending on the quality of the content. As a sweet side effect, your blog post will also link to your profile which is not only better for authority among students but helps your google rankings as well. 
    However, to avoid useless posts and spam, and advertisements, we also deduct coins for bad quality. 
  • Buy: You can also buy coins if you are low on the balance. Current price(18 Oct 2016) for 500 coins is INR 500.
  • Donate: Just send us the receipt after donating to our page. We give 500 coins for every 1000 INR donated. Note: Money goes to We don't get the money, charity does.

How can I use coins?

  • For tutors
    • You can use coins to exchange contact details with students.
    • [Feature not available yet] You can use coins to add more than 5 subjects (charged on monthly basis based on the location).
  • For students
    • You can use coins to exchange contact details with tutors.

After how long do the coins expire?

They don't. Unlike other websites, our coins don't expire. This applies to free coins as well.

How can I lose coins?

Honest people who follow our terms and conditions don't lose coins. Greedy/dishonest people who try to scam the system and thus give a bad experience to everybody else in the community are banned. 

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