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Coins - Teacheron Currency

Since we have teachers and students from over 100 countries, it's confusing to talk in individual currencies when talking to everybody. Therefore, we use a common currency "TeacherOn coins" or just "coins" for all kinds of transactions. 1 coin is approx $0.015. You can view the price for your local currency on Buy coins page when logged in.

How do teachers use coins?

Teachers use coins to contact students and apply to potential teaching opportunities. Please see details at How it works for teachers 

How do students use coins?

Students use coins to contact teachers. Please see details on How it works for students.

How can I get coins? 

  • Share your teaching and learning stories
  • Help us improve: You can help us to become better by giving feedback about bugs, improvements, or even ideas. If your feedback is helpful, you can get anywhere from 50 to 1000 coins according to the value provided.
  • Refer friends: If anybody registers after visiting your referral link, you will get the coins equivalent to their first purchase.
  • Buy: You can also buy coins if you are low on the balance. 

After how long do the coins expire?

They don't. Unlike other websites, our coins don't expire. 

Can I convert coins into cash?


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