Terms and conditions


  • You can not make multiple accounts. One user should have only one account. Failing this may result in banning all your accounts.
  • You are responsible for your money and safety when dealing with others. Please do your diligence. We try our best to do our part.
  • We reserve the right to suspend your account any time without notice. This includes discrediting your coins balance.
  • We reserve the right to put your name in our scammer list

For Students

  • You can not share contact details in the job posting. Accounts that do that are automatically banned.
  • If you chose to share your contact details with a tutor, it's your responsibility to verify their credentials, identity, and background check.
  • You are also responsible for any monetary transactions and refunds. We are not liable for any fraudulent activity.

For tutors

  • We do not vet students for their credit history or payment record. It's your responsibility to check their credentials and manage payments and refunds.
  • Your profile will be permanently banned if you share contact details unless specifically asked for the same.


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