Frequently asked questions

Online teaching

  1. What is online teaching?

    Online teaching is the practice of teaching to an individual or a group online. It's live-real time-instruction where the teacher and student(s) are in different locations. When teaching online, you can teach anyone anywhere from the comfort of your home. Learn how to teach online.

  2. Who can teach online?

    To be an online teacher:

    • You should have basic computer skills.
    • A good internet connection and a computer/laptop.
    • Command of the subject you are going to teach.
    • Digital pen (for most academic subjects).
  3. How much can I earn while teaching online?

    This question makes sense only when someone is employing you. If a company is hiring you directly, you should ask them. If however, you work independently, then it works the same way as it worked before the internet:

    You charge as much as you want.

    Teachers registered on charge from less than $1 to over $100 per hour. Everyone charges based on their skills, living standard, the country they are in, existing clientele, and the demand for their particular skill.

    If you are not sure what to charge, start from the minimum and increase gradually as you get more experienced. You can also check what others are charging here.


  4. What are the timings for online teaching?

    Unless you are employed by a company, you can decide the timing yourself. Since online teaching is global and different individuals have different preferences, you should talk to the students and come to an agreement regarding the time that suits you and the student. I know teachers who go on a trip and take their laptop with them, enjoy during the day and teach from their hotel room at night.

  5. How fast should I be able to type to teach online?

    There is no minimum speed limit. However, the faster you type, the better is student experience due to less waiting time. 

    If you don't type sufficiently fast enough, you can type the lesson and assessments before the session and just copy-paste during the session. Using a whiteboard with a digital pen also bypasses the need to type fast as you can draw directly on the screen.  

    Given that most of us will spend a big chunk of our lives typing, it makes sense to learn to type fast. The proper way to type is to touch-type i.e. typing without looking at the keyboard. It took me about one month, one hour per day, to learn to type at pro speeds. I used typing master software. Now you can use typing software like Typingbolt.

  6. How to teach online?

    You can teach online by using:

    • Communication tools and screen sharing
      • Skype
      • Google Hangouts
    • Online whiteboards
    • Remote access and Screen sharing

    For details please check our detailed guide on online teaching.

  7. Do I need digital pen to teach online?

    You don't always need a digital pen but it's an advantage. If you are teaching someone to code, you are mostly typing so you don't need a digital pen. 

    If however, you are teaching Maths or Physics and you have to draw figures on an online whiteboard to explain, then a digital pen is a must.

  8. Do I need a webcam to teach online?

    It depends on the student's requirements. From my experience, most adult students prefer not to have a webcam. However, most parents of kids want the webcam to keep the child engaged. 

    So here's what you should do. Keep a webcam. It's cheap. When you get a student, just ask them if they would like to see you and proceed accordingly.

  9. How to collect payment for online work?

    You can ask to be paid via Teacheron's escrow system, directly in the bank, Transferwise, PayPal, Western Union, Payoneer. Check details about these payment options

  10. How to find students to teach online?

    Register at and make an attractive profile. Don't rush through while making your profile. Take time and do it right. Consider it as an investment. Contact on posted jobs with relevant and personalized messages. 

For Students

  1. When will the teacher reply?

    Most teachers reply within 24 hours. In any case, if you haven't received a reply in 48 hours, we recommend that you contact others.

    You can also post requirements so interested teachers can contact you.

  2. How to close requirement?

    You can close/manage your requirements at My posts.


  1. Why are coins not credited after payment?

    When paying with certain payment methods, sometimes money gets deducted from your end but doesn't reach us.

    If this happens, whenever we get your money, we credit coins immediately and send you an email confirmation. This usually happens within a day.

    If we don't get the money at all, it is automatically refunded to your account by your bank. The refund process can take up to two weeks. 

  2. How to get free coins?

    If anybody registers after visiting your referral link, you will get coins when they join. You will also get coins when they buy coins. See details about referral.

  3. Is it mandatory to buy coins?

    For teachers:

    Short answer:
    It's not mandatory to buy coins. We will send you an email for any job which is free, and you may apply on the same.

    Nuanced reality:
    It depends. If you are competing for a subject like Online Maths tutoring, you have a lot of competition. There is absolutely no way that a post like that will ever become free. 
    On the other hand, let's say that you teach Rocket science, you would have little to no competition. Therefore for a Rocket Science post, you won't need coins - just patience for 36 hours. 
    It also depends on the location of the student and if the post is for home tutoring or online, budget, etc.
    Therefore, you will just need to try it out and see what's truth like for you.

    For Students:

    We give you enough coins to contact 3 teachers. Once you have used these free coins, you can buy coins to contact more teachers.

    If you don't want to buy coins, you can just post your requirement and relevant teachers will contact you.

Account management

  1. How to change my phone number?

    Teachers can manage phone numbers by going to Menu > Edit Profile > Phone.

    Students can manage phone numbers by going to Menu > Settings > Phone.

  2. How to change my email?

    You can change your email by going to Change Email page.

  3. How to delete my account?

    You can delete your account by going to profile settings.

For teachers

  1. How to collect payment for online work?

    You can ask to be paid via Teacheron's escrow system, directly in the bank, Transferwise, PayPal, Western Union, Payoneer. Check details about these payment options