Get payments via TeacherOn

We have launched a payment option for you to receive payments through us.

Just because you got a student through us, you don't need to receive payment from that student via us.

Why is it not mandatory to get payments via TeacherOn?

Since most teachers already pay coins to contact students, we feel it is not right to take a commission from earnings as well.

So why did we give this feature?

Many teachers requested this feature to: 

  • Get payments from students in foreign countries.
  • Secure payment before doing work.
  • Allow students to pay by card.

Making this escrow system was hard work, but combating fraud was vital, so we made it.

Why do you want to get paid via TeacherOn?

Getting payments via us has the following advantages. You can:

  • Secure payment before service - prevent fraud - stop losing money.
  • Get advanced payments from students who are hesitant to pay in advance.
  • Get payment from foreign students.
  • Give students the option to pay by card - in 91 currencies. We will convert the money to your currency and deposit to your account.
  • Get reviews with "verified label."

Secure your payment (and secure advance from hesitant students)

We get frequent emails from teachers who delivered tutoring services but students didn't pay them. The idea for our escrow system was a direct result of these requests.

Also, many genuine students don't want to pay in advance because:

  • They are afraid of losing money or
  • Someone has defrauded them before you.

Getting paid via us solves these problems and secures both of you. This is how:

  • The student pays you by going to your profile.
  • We keep the payment (on hold) with us.
  • You deliver the service.
  • Payment is released to you.

What to say to students who are not willing to pay in advance?

You can say to the student something like: 

"Please go to my profile and click on the Pay button. There, you can schedule the payment to release later. Payment won't be released to me until you are satisfied and release the payment yourself."

Get payments from foreign students

Getting payments from international students is a challenge for many teachers. This is true, especially for small amounts, which can be very expensive to get. 

International students prefer to pay by card. We have designed our system to make them easier to pay by card.

You can accept payments in 91 currencies. We will convert the money to your currency and deposit to your account.

Get "verified" reviews

Once a student pays you via us, we know with a fair degree of certainty that the review is genuine. Reviews by a student that has paid you are labeled as "Verified" which generates extra trust in the students' minds.

In the future, we will also use reviews to determine tutor rankings and suggestions to students.

How to get payment via TeacherOn?

Once logged in as a tutor, you can go to Menu > Wallet > Accounts (Getting paid) and add your bank account details. 

Students can go to your profile link and click on the "Pay" button to pay you.

Is there any fee for this service?

Yes. We deduct 15% for receiving payment through us. We use this fee to pay taxes, payment gateway providers (people who help us to collect payment online), and for food. No promises but we are working to make it 10%. 

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