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About us is a free website, trusted by thousands of students and teachers, to learn and teach thousands of subjects, throughout the world - locally and online.


To make every tutor searchable in the world in their local area and online. To keep the website free for teachers and students.


To be a central resource for teachers and teaching jobs around the globe. This means including not only metros and big cities, but helping students and tutors connect in remote areas and villages as well.

To design user-friendly systems which protect privacy and deliver value in far greater proportions even before users decide to pay, if at all. Here's how we do it.

Our commitment to you

Your data is never shared or sold. You will never be spammed.

You can expect continuous improvement in the software, quick action on your feedback, with ever increasing features and more chances for you to find teachers and teaching jobs.

Why choose TeacherOn

  • Students can find a Tutor for free and Tutors can find a student for free.
  • It is fast, no waiting around, you can contact tutors and students instantly.
  • Run by teachers who have been in education for many years
  • Our team is carefully monitoring the site for scammers, spammers and con artists so your time is not wasted with such things

More about us

  • used by students to get a tutor and tutors to get a student, for free!
  • Open to everybody in the world, including remote areas in small and poor countries
  • The site is just for people who would like to sincerely provide and receive great teaching. So we have a total zero tolerance policy towards miscreants, spammers, and marketers.

How we provide a premier service

We have been in the tutoring business for 10 years, teaching students in almost every country in the world.  We have found that the main challenge is to maintain the quality of the service and TeacherOn is designed to ensure this happens.

The biggest issue on free sites is spammers, fake profiles, scammers and so on.  So this is what we do to ensure it does not happen

For Students:

  1. Students can send messages to 10 tutors of their choice for free. This means that it's practically free for students.  We find that often if a person wants to send more than 10 messages they are a spammer.  So we carefully watch this situation and so have to charge per message a student sends to fund this.  Especially as we ban spammers within 24 hours so they cannot do any more damage.  The big thing is the fee per message is just high enough to deter spammers, but still very cost effective for genuine students should they want to contact more students.
  2. Students enter their requirements before contacting a tutor. Since most spammers are lazy and won't go through this process, it dampens their motivation a lot. Even if a desperate spammer is able to go through, they would still only be able to contact only a maximum of 10 tutors which makes the whole thing uneconomical for spamming purposes.
  3. We really find out everything you need, to really match you up with the best tutors. 

For Tutors:

  1. Tutors can receive unlimited queries from students for free.
  2. Tutors can apply to 20 jobs for free, so it is free for a tutor to get a student.  This limit means that tutors only apply for jobs they are actually right for and do the best communications possible rather than wasting time and opportunity by spamming.  This leads to a better experience for the students and parents as they are not bombarded by loads of messages from people who have not read their requirements.
  3. If tutors would like more students, they can purchase further contacts they can communicate with.  By this point they should have already gotten a student through the site and see that it really works. These funds are used for the massive and labour intensive job of keeping the site clear of spammers, marketers, con artists etc and advertising the site which is probably how you found us in the first place.

Our Story

2009 Development of TutorIndia started at 3 am in the morning of a cold November morning in London

TutorIndia launched in January for Indian tutors

2013 First version of TeacherOn launched for online tutors around the globe
2016 Present version of TeacherOn launched for online as well as local tutors around the globe.
2017 Please tell us what you want and we would love to build it for you.


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