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By B's Notes
Psychology XII - Psychological Disorders and Psychotherapy image

Psychology Class XII Notes on Psychological Disorders and Psychotherapy based on ISC portion. Full Points and Diagrams covered. PPT and PDF formats both accessible. Topics Covered: What is Abnormal Psychology? 4 D's...

By B's Notes
Psychology - Stress and Stress Management image

Psychology Class XII Notes on Stress and Stress Management based on ISC portion. Full Points and Diagrams covered. Topics Covered: What is stress|Types of Stress GAS Model by Hans Selye Cognitive Appraisal by...

By Aaqib Raza
(Research) Transmission Loss Prediction of a Waveguide with Double Inlet and Double Outlet image

Transmission loss prediction of a waveguide with double inlet and double outlet: Introducing groundbreaking research that delves into the intricate world of waveguide acoustics! Our study focuses on predicting...

By The Psychology Coach
Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) image

A complete Guide about CBT in which you will get information about cognitive behavior therapy, its types and techniques. Psychology students can get benefit from this file. Its written by Clinical psychologist. people...

By Zohra
Responsive website(Portfolio) image

Responsive website This source code is for those who want to make a responsive portfolio to show off their skills. It is fully customizable and responsive. I have named everything and you can perfectly make it according...

By Educational Book Store
Electronic-Commerce By Palwasha Khan image

Details : computer worksheet . best for ICS BS IT and BSCS . Topic Include E-Commerce Benefits of E-Commerce Advantages and Disadvantages

By Ongolwe notes
CS & ICT Module #1 - The Computer image

Subject Computer studies & ICT Target High school Level Beginner Content outline The computer. Information. Incompatible. Hardwiring. Portable. User. Computer literate. Computing. Task. Data. Processor. Processing....

By Embedded System Design and Development
Introduction to Microcontroller and Microprocessor image

The fundamental design differences of microcontroller and microprocessor is explained in details along with their differences. Also includes CISC & RISC Instruction archutecture details and comparative analysis of...

By Fundamentals of Waste Water Processes
Fundamentals of Waste Water Treatment Processes image

Waste-water treatment is becoming more important in the light of diminishing water resources. The treatment of waste-water for reuse and disposal is particularly important for water scarce countries. The municipal...

By Sidra Javed
Humanistic Approach in Psychology image

This presentation briefly explains humanistic approach used in psychology. This presentation can be used by undergraduate student level and above. The humanist is concerned with the fullest growth of the individual...

By Maysa khalil
State space search methods image

A State space is the set of all states reachable from the initial state by applying the appropriate control strategy and search method. State space search is a problem-solving technique used in Artificial Intelligence...

By Theresa Monserrat-Brown
Fundamentals of Project Management image

A comprehensive introduction to adaptive and predictive project management methodologies. Visuals, such diagrams are included. The notes are 8 pages and very organized.

By Learn Indian Classical Music
Introduce yourself to Indian Classical Music | Simple 5 Min. Exercise and Palta's. image

If you have hardly heard of Indian classical music or never got much into music theory, this class is for you! Or you wanted to know more about Indian music but didn’t have time or a way to access it, this is a great...

By Jeroen Buse
IT, Robotics image

If you're looking for robotics lessons, the downloads include a complete tutorial, and code, for creating a real, remote-controlled robot car. You can download the following files: A Python script to control the car...

By Anila Sunny
How I Schedule my Classes image

I have attached the Reports of my Students. This gives you a clear picture of how I schedule my classes (30 hours)

By Cathal Bollard
IELTS Speaking Test tips and sample answers image

Discover the keys to conquering IELTS Speaking Test through this comprehensive pack. Loaded with essential strategies, detailed prompts, and exemplary responses, this resource is tailored to elevate your performance,...

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By Data Science
Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion image

Population and Sample Parameter and Statistic Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Variables and Data Variables: Dependent and Independent Types of Data: Qualitative and Quantitative The Central Tendencies: Mean,...

By Data Science
Data Science: Introduction image

Understanding of Data Science Machine Learning : Data Driven Approach Artificial Intelligence v/s Machine Learning v/s Deep Learning Significance of Data Science in today’s digitally-driven world Applications of...

By Software Perks
Self-Efficacy Theory (Presentation) image

This PowerPoint presentation provides a concise overview of the Self-Efficacy Theory, aimed at helping you grasp the concept and effectively communicate it to others. 16 Elegant Slides.

By Ashish Kaklotar
Powerpoint PPT Template - Educational Background image

Introducing the PPT Design Template with Educational Background, the ultimate tool to elevate your presentations. Crafted for professionals, educators, and creatives, this template boasts stunning design elements,...