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Adult/Casual learning Lecture notes resources

By B's Notes
Psychology XII - Psychological Disorders and Psychotherapy Typed Notes image

Psychology Class XII Notes on Psychological Disorders and Psychotherapy based on ISC portion. Full Points and Diagrams covered. PPT and PDF formats both accessible. Topics Covered: What is Abnormal Psychology? 4 D's...

By Ongolwe notes
CS & ICT Module #1 - The Computer image

Subject Computer studies & ICT Target High school Level Beginner Content outline The computer. Information. Incompatible. Hardwiring. Portable. User. Computer literate. Computing. Task. Data. Processor. Processing....

By Embedded System Design and Development
Introduction to Microcontroller and Microprocessor image

The fundamental design differences of microcontroller and microprocessor is explained in details along with their differences. Also includes CISC & RISC Instruction archutecture details and comparative analysis of...

By Maysa khalil
State space search methods image

A State space is the set of all states reachable from the initial state by applying the appropriate control strategy and search method. State space search is a problem-solving technique used in Artificial Intelligence...

By Data Science
Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion image

Population and Sample Parameter and Statistic Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Variables and Data Variables: Dependent and Independent Types of Data: Qualitative and Quantitative The Central Tendencies: Mean,...

By Data Science
Data Science: Introduction image

Understanding of Data Science Machine Learning : Data Driven Approach Artificial Intelligence v/s Machine Learning v/s Deep Learning Significance of Data Science in today’s digitally-driven world Applications of...