Data Science: Introduction
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By Data Science
Data Science and Machine Learning
Beginner, Intermediate, Adult/Casual learning
Lecture notes
Language used:

  • Understanding of Data Science
  • Machine Learning : Data Driven Approach
  • Artificial Intelligence v/s Machine Learning v/s Deep Learning
  • Significance of Data Science in today‚Äôs digitally-driven world
  • Applications of Data Science
  • Lifecycle of Data Science
  • Lab : R (Language) and RStudio Installation

1 Review
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User Photo Nov 26, 2023

Very Good Overview on starting of in Data Science using R and Python

This course is genuinely good, and I would recommend to students or anyone wanting to switch careers into data science. This course gives a good foundation and will guide you on the right track.The labs help you to understand how to work with data in Python and R.