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Intermediate resources

By Ibrahim
Wall footing Design excel sheet image

This Wall footing excelsheet will design your wall footing by ACI-318. A very powerful tool for designing wall footing.

By Ibrahim
Concrete Beam Design Excel sheet image

This spreadsheet can design your beam by ACI code 318 whether it's a T beam or a Rectangular Values can be verified by ETABS as well.

By Guillermo Cocha
Flatness based control: A blood glucose regulation example image

Flat systems generalize linear systems, but controlling them requires different techniques than those used for many linear systems. Due to the flatness property, system variables can be expressed as functions of the...

By Guillermo Cocha
Lead-lag controller design problem. image

Using the system in the image below, create a compensator such that the stationary error for the speed is 20 𝑠−1 without changing significantly the original position of the complex poles.

By Guillermo Cocha
Electrical transient response image

What happens between the time a RLC circuit is powered up and when it reaches the steady state? In this exercise (see the figure), we'll find out the exponential current variation

By Data Science
Python Introduction for Data Science and Machine Learning image

Learning Objectives: Python Basics Be able to understand general syntax and use primary and secondary data types. Be able to understand and implement general operations. Be able to understand and implement basic...

By Data Science
Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion image

Population and Sample Parameter and Statistic Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Variables and Data Variables: Dependent and Independent Types of Data: Qualitative and Quantitative The Central Tendencies: Mean,...

By Pharmacology
Drugs Acting on ANS image

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) regulates involuntary bodily functions, such as heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, and pupillary response. Drugs that act on the ANS can either mimic or block the actions of...

By Faraz M
English Assignment- Analysis, Assessment & Critique of a featured Article, Pro-Life? image

If you are due for an ASSIGNMENT, here is a detailed analysis of a first person article. You will score above 90%. In this assignment I have broken down a first person article, published on CBC digital news website,...

By Data Science
Data Science: Introduction image

Understanding of Data Science Machine Learning : Data Driven Approach Artificial Intelligence v/s Machine Learning v/s Deep Learning Significance of Data Science in today’s digitally-driven world Applications of...

Another One Bite The Dust image

Another One Bite The Dust is a popular song by Queen. Many fellows want to play it on a musical instrument but don't know the notes. Play the song on any musical instrument with easy notations with me. Enjoy.

By Nithya Rajendran

Unlock the doors to a successful Java programming career with our Comprehensive Java Interview Questions and Answers guide. Whether you're a Java enthusiast looking to brush up on your skills or a job seeker aiming to...

By Anders Rojas
Diffussion of water vapor through air image

This product contains an example of how calculate or determine the rate of evaporation of water when the process is controlled for the mass transpor by diffussion. Water surface remains placid while the air initially...

By Store of Shubham Goyal
Introduction to Islamic Finance image

Introduction to Islamic Finance Objectives What is Islamic Finance? Key Principles of Islamic Finance Question 1: Riba in Islamic Finance Solution 1: Prohibition of Riba Question 2: Gharar in Islamic Finance ...

By Store of Shubham Goyal
"Introduction to the Basics of Accounting" image

Introduction: Accounting is introduced as the language of business, used to track, summarize, and communicate financial information. The Accounting Equation: Explains the fundamental equation - Assets =...

By Medical knowledge
Some common symptoms of GIT and their Differential Diagnosis image

In this package we are having power point slides of some common GIT symptoms with a list of their differential diagnosis . You will find it very useful and integrated. Thank You!!

A Whole New World image

'A Whole New World, is a popular song by Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle . Many fellows want to play it on a musical instrument but don't know the notes. Play the song ' A Whole New World' on any musical instrument with...

Believer - Imagine Dragons image

'Believer' is a popular song by Imagine Dragons. Many fellows want to play it on a musical instrument but don't know the notes. Play the song 'Believer' on any musical instrument with easy notations with me. Prices are...

By thansal madapally

Hello, everyone In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to get lost in the sea of information available on the internet when it comes to fitness and nutrition. You may find yourself overwhelmed by contradictory advice,...

By Software Perks
Self-Efficacy Theory (Presentation) image

This PowerPoint presentation provides a concise overview of the Self-Efficacy Theory, aimed at helping you grasp the concept and effectively communicate it to others. 16 Elegant Slides.