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Preschool, Kindergarten, KG, Nursery resources

By Annitha G
S and Sh minimal pairs workbook image

Minimal pairs of s and sh sound. It is a digital printable materials. It can be used in teletherapy or in classrooms. It has 2 PDFs. Flash cards and a work sheet. A set of 27 flashcards+ a visual cue card. The activity...

By Lazy Books
Printable/Digital Reading Arabic Alphabets for Beginners Book 1 image

Welcome to "Arabic Is Fun : Reading Book 1 : Unlocking Alphabets, Two-Letter Words, and Diacritics". Take a fascinating journey into the Arabic language, where the art of comprehension and the beauty of writing collide....

By English studies @shreyac
Art and Colour for Kids image

Art and Colour is a project for young kids learning to explore their crayons and pencils and trying to be little arty! The PDF contains objects, animals , little scenery and an abstract design as well. There is a live...

By Lazy Books
Printable/Digital Tracing Arabic Alphabets for Beginners Book 1 image

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Arabic script with the first book in our series: "Tracing Arabic Alphabets: Initial and Beginning Forms (ب - بـ)". Perfect for beginners of all ages, this book offers a...

By Empowered English with Karen Lau
Printable Worksheets for Teaching the Short Vowel Sounds: Color the Pictures image

Your students will enjoy learning phonics with the TEACH ME KIDS. This PRINTABLE resource has 5 worksheets for teaching the short vowel sounds, initial consonants and letter / sound correspondence. There is 1 page for...

By Mrs. J's Teacher Store
"What's On Your Plate?" Writing Activity image

This is a fun, but simple writing activity. Students will use fine motor skills by having to cut/paste food items onto their plate. Then they will write about their favorite foods using a "helper prompt".

1.18 USD
By Teacher Trove supplies
Finger counting peg cards image

Fun counting activity with hand pictures showing different numbers of fingers. Children can count fingers from cards and peg the correct number. This activity will help children improve their mathematical, cognitive,...

By Lingoland by Sakshi
Hoja de trabajo sobre Los Números image

These Spanish worksheets for kids practice and review numbers 0-100. There are lots of different activities and each activity is designed to practice vocabulary in a way that will help your students learn Spanish...

By Pure Heart Store
Learn Part of the Body in Arabic image

Explore the fascinating world of the Arabic language with our beautifully designed digital PDF product, "Learn Part of the Body in Arabic." This educational resource is perfect for anyone, whether you're a beginner in...

By Teacher Trove supplies
Numbers tracing flashcards image

Colourful Numbers tracing flashcards improve early writing skills and are helpful for number recognition activities.

By Islamic Store
الحوارات والتدريبات image

Dialogues: Dialogues are conversations or discussions between two or more people. They serve as a fundamental form of communication and are used in various contexts, such as everyday conversations, interviews, movies,...

By Teacher Trove supplies
Lowercase letters flash cards image

Rainbow colour theme full set of lowercase letters flashcards in pdf file These flashcards are helpful for letter-recognition activities

By Teacher Trove supplies
Long Vowel sound  image

Powerpoint slides of the long vowel sound along with the story" Rain" in which children will read words consisting of the "ai" sound.

By Teacher Trove supplies
Tricky word image

Power point slides of the ticky word "my" Activities related to the tricky word "my"

By walaa ali
The boat letters image

How to help students distinguish between similar letters First, I divided the letters into groups and gave each group a specific name. For example, the letters (ب،ت,ث،ن،ي )are called "boat letters" because they resemble...

By Teacher Trove supplies
Initial sound mat image

Pictures with empty boxes where children can place the correct letter that matches the beginning sound of the picture

By Kคຮђ'ຮ Store
Worksheets to Colour the Animals image

Coloring book / worksheets A good learning process for kids tracing coloring fun learn 5 worksheets So Lets Gets Started !!! In just 1$ !! Hurry Up !!! The offer is limited till Sept.

By Al- Quran
Norani Qaida Lesson 2 image

This lesson is very important for the students because students don't know the half shapes of letters. when they move to the next lesson which is joint letters they feel it difficult to connect letters to make words....

By Arabic with Gehad
Arabic worksheets image

Learn how to write the Arabic alphabet ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​from zero for kids and adults in easy and interesting way! ​​​​​​​enjoy it !

English Language Alphabet 26 worksheets image

We provide creative way of learning of English with worksheets . These worksheets brings deep learning of English Alphabets while students are enjoying learining . This material includes : 25 workeets Includes:...