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by Annitha G

Teaching and learning resources

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Teaching and learning resources

Articulation drill book- ch sounds image

This material is digital and printable. It has 52 items and 6 activities. The book focus to improve the pronounciation of Ch sound. The activities are fascinating which children love to perform it. It is helpful...

L sound- Articulation drill book image

It is a digital and printable material. It has 96 practice items and 6 activities. It helps in the correct pronunciations. of L sound. It has tasks in a hierarchy from isolation to sentence or conversation level. The...

S and Sh minimal pairs workbook image

Minimal pairs of s and sh sound. It is a digital printable materials. It can be used in teletherapy or in classrooms. It has 2 PDFs. Flash cards and a work sheet. A set of 27 flashcards+ a visual cue card. The activity...