S and Sh minimal pairs workbook

By AnnithaSLP
Speech Therapy, Audiology and speech language pathology, Speech Therapist
Preschool, Kindergarten, KG, Nursery, Grade 1, Grade 2
Activity, Flash Cards, Workbook
Language used:

Minimal pairs of s and sh sound. It is a digital printable materials. It can be used in teletherapy or in classrooms. It has 2 PDFs. Flash cards and a work sheet. A set of 27 flashcards+ a visual cue card. The activity book has 5 different activities which focus on identifying, discrimination and production of sounds.
It is a useful for children with confusion within speech sounds, phonological processing disorder, misarticulation and any other speech sound errors. It helps children to understand the difference between two speech sounds and help them to produce the correct sounds.

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