Grade 4 resources

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Grade 4 resources

By Yusra Atif
Hand wahing day worksheet image

Hand Washing Day Worksheet for providing basics of hand washing day and typhoid fever. 30 questions worksheet with pictures that make it interesting for kids.

By Nash Zuñiga
Worksheet on Decimals - Addition and Subtraction image

*Total of 25 questions: I. (10) problems - addition of decimals II. (10) problems - subtraction of decimals III. (5) word problems

By My Teacher Resources
Lesson Plan on Equivalent Fraction image

Are you ready to transform your math class into an engaging journey through equivalent fractions? Look no further! Our meticulously crafted lesson plan is designed to captivate your students' attention while mastering...

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By Educational Academy - Online Store
Math Bundle - Fifth Grade Decimals Worksheets image

Details: *Math Worksheets
*Best for Fifth grade

 Topics Included : 1. Decimal Expanded form 2. Arrange Decimals 3. Decimal Conversion 4. Decimals as Fractions 5. Decimal Addition 6. Decimal Subtraction 7. Decimal...

By AnnithaSLP
Articulation drill book- ch sounds image

This material is digital and printable. It has 52 items and 6 activities. The book focus to improve the pronounciation of Ch sound. The activities are fascinating which children love to perform it. It is helpful...

By rima
A comprehensive Guide to Beginner's English Grammar. image

A comprehensive guide to beginner's English grammar with simple, easy-to-understand PowerPoint presentations, starting from the basics that have been well-explained with colorful pictures. Classes ranging from 1 to 5...

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By Aurore
Xmas FRENCH material for 3-8yo image

Bonjour ! I am an FSL teacher. Here's a Xmas material to review Xmas vocabulary (toys), basic verbs (se réveiller, regarder...) and the song "Petit Papa Noel". You'll also find a TicTacToe game at the end to revise toys...

By Jeroen Buse
Create a Game in Scratch image

This is a manual to make an online game, using Scratch code at The game is about a cat chasing mice, while itself being chased by a dog. You can control the cat with the keyboard arrow keys....

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By Tiffany Sy
Handout about How to Teach Singapore Math image

Handout from my Singapore Math Course. Inside are examples on Word Problems and the bar models that were used in how to solve them, as well as alternative methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

By Abacus Books Store Pranaii 1729
Abacus Practice Book For Beginners - Level 1 : Solve Concept-wise Abacus questions image

This book contains practice questions for all the Addition & Subtraction concepts in sequential order along with periodic assessments after certain concepts. This book also includes Skills & Speed Writing. The...

By Complete Grammar Series
English Grammar Book for Elementary School image

The ENGLISH GRAMMAR BOOK FOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL has 15 chapters that cover 16 essential English grammar topics and is intended to involve both kids and their parents in the learning process. The grammar book is a...

By Brightbud Brains
Draw and Write Booklet for Kids image

This captivating book is the perfect companion for children who are eager to explore the depths of their creativity.Inside this magical book, you'll find an array of exciting and thought-provoking creative writing...

By Kคຮђ'ຮ Store
Parts of Speech Worksheet image

Parts Of Speech There are eight parts of speech in English Language Noun pronoun verb adverb ajective conjunction preposition and interjection In this worksheet, all are eights parts of speech...

By English studies @shreyac
English Reading Comprehension image

This presentation is designed solely for the purpose of inculcating in students the love for learning. Parents and students are requested to download the product from here. The project can be considered as a holiday...