Preschool, Kindergarten, KG, Nursery Worksheet resources

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Preschool, Kindergarten, KG, Nursery Worksheet resources

By ClassInnovate Resources
Math Worksheet: Lets Add and Subtract image

Help your little learners master the foundations of math with this engaging worksheet! Designed for: Preschoolers and early elementary students Children who are building number sense Kids who need extra practice...

By AnnithaSLP
Articulation drill book- ch sounds image

This material is digital and printable. It has 52 items and 6 activities. The book focus to improve the pronounciation of Ch sound. The activities are fascinating which children love to perform it. It is helpful...

By AnnithaSLP
L sound- Articulation drill book image

It is a digital and printable material. It has 96 practice items and 6 activities. It helps in the correct pronunciations. of L sound. It has tasks in a hierarchy from isolation to sentence or conversation level. The...

By Empowered English with Karen Lau
Printable Worksheets for Teaching the Short Vowel Sounds: Color the Pictures image

Your students will enjoy learning phonics with the TEACH ME KIDS. This PRINTABLE resource has 5 worksheets for teaching the short vowel sounds, initial consonants and letter / sound correspondence. There is 1 page for...

By Mrs. J's Teacher Store
"What's On Your Plate?" Writing Activity image

This is a fun, but simple writing activity. Students will use fine motor skills by having to cut/paste food items onto their plate. Then they will write about their favorite foods using a "helper prompt".

1.18 USD
By Lingoland by Sakshi
Hoja de trabajo sobre Los Números image

These Spanish worksheets for kids practice and review numbers 0-100. There are lots of different activities and each activity is designed to practice vocabulary in a way that will help your students learn Spanish...

By Kคຮђ'ຮ Store
Worksheets to Colour the Animals image

Coloring book / worksheets A good learning process for kids tracing coloring fun learn 5 worksheets So Lets Gets Started !!! In just 1$ !! Hurry Up !!! The offer is limited till Sept.

English Language Alphabet 26 worksheets image

We provide creative way of learning of English with worksheets . These worksheets brings deep learning of English Alphabets while students are enjoying learining . This material includes : 25 workeets Includes:...