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Grade 12 resources

By Ayesha
Statistics(301) assignment. Homework, stem and leaf display assessment, Mean and Median. image

In this assignment I show you two concepts, stem and leaf display Mean and Median This is a suggested answer for a 20-mark question. The answer aims to provide clarity for the studenT concepts t on stem and leaf display...

By Data Science
Python Introduction for Data Science and Machine Learning image

Learning Objectives: Python Basics Be able to understand general syntax and use primary and secondary data types. Be able to understand and implement general operations. Be able to understand and implement basic...

By Faraz M
English Assignment- Analysis, Assessment & Critique of a featured Article, Pro-Life? image

If you are due for an ASSIGNMENT, here is a detailed analysis of a first person article. You will score above 90%. In this assignment I have broken down a first person article, published on CBC digital news website,...

By Learning Zone
Blockchain Technology image

"Blockchain Technology is a decentralized, transparent, and secure ledger system where information is stored in blocks that are linked together, forming an immutable chain. Key components include decentralization,...

By Learning Zone
Natural Language Processing (NLP) image

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a field of artificial intelligence that focuses on enabling computers to understand, interpret, and generate human language. It involves the development of algorithms and models for...

By Learning Zone
AI and Business Intelligence image

AI is the simulation of human intelligence in machines, allowing them to learn from data, make decisions, and perform tasks like humans. It encompasses technologies such as machine learning, natural language...

By Learning Zone
Machine Learning (Important Theory) image

Machine learning is a dynamic and evolving field that empowers computers to learn and adapt, making it a transformative technology with widespread use and potential to solve complex problems across various domains. Its...

By Learning Zone
Programming Languages and Paradigms (Notes) image

Learning multiple languages can enhance problem-solving skills and adaptability. Selecting a programming language depends on project requirements and personal/team preferences, considering factors like community support...

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By Sudipta Mandal
Elementary Phenomena of Electrostatics. image

Frictional electricity What is electric charge? Two kinds of electric charges: Electronic theory of frictional electricity Classification of elements on the basis of their conductivity of electric charge: ...

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By Software Perks
Self-Efficacy Theory (Presentation) image

This PowerPoint presentation provides a concise overview of the Self-Efficacy Theory, aimed at helping you grasp the concept and effectively communicate it to others. 16 Elegant Slides.

By Formulas & Notes
Central tendency formulas image

Central tendency formulas Mean Median Mode How to identify Grouped & ungrouped Data Also get help to identify data with the help of table columns.

By Karen's Review Materials and Solutions
Color test for proteins and specific amino acids image

General protein color tests (Biuret test, Ninhydrin test, Xanthoproteic test) Color test for specific amino acids (Millon's test for tyrosine, Hopkins cole test for tryptophan, Sakaguchi test for arginine, Lead acetate...

By All about AI
"Comprehensive AI (Artificial Intelligence) Presentation" image

Are you looking for a professionally crafted PowerPoint presentation that covers essential topics in Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Our "Comprehensive AI Presentation" is your ideal solution. Whether you're a student...

By STEM with DK Swami
Physics sample lectures image

Motion: This lecture will introduce the concepts of motion, including displacement, velocity, acceleration, and force. We will also discuss the laws of motion as formulated by Isaac Newton. Forces: This lecture will...

By Bhagya L
Sample Questions and Answers on Management Theory image

Three sample questions and their detailed answers on the subject of Management Theory, touching on topics of management information systems, culture and resistance to change.

By Bhagya L
Detailed Notes on Depression image

Detailed Notes on Depression focusing on Social Psychological and Socio-Cognitive Perspectives on Depression. The notes contain the various sociopsychological factors affecting depression and socio-psychological...

By The Maths Planet
Detailed Handwritten Notes on Relations and Functions (Precalculus image

In these detailed notes on relations and functions, you will find a comprehensive overview of fundamental mathematical concepts that form the backbone of various mathematical disciplines. Whether you're a student...

By Sarasawati Solutions
Functions (Discrete Mathematics)(Exercise Solutions)(Part 1) image

In this paper, I have made the solutions of the chapter "Functions" exercise consist of 12 questions of popular book "Discrete Mathematics " by "Oscar Levin". I have made the solutions of 12 questions (Handwritten) with...

By Dr Medicose
Hemoglobin Disorders image

Introducing our groundbreaking product focused on Hemoglobin disorders – a comprehensive guide that delves into the world of hemoglobin-related conditions. This meticulously crafted resource navigates through various...

By Pratik Prahladka
Heat & Thermo - Carnot Cycle image

This video contains derivation for workig of Carnot's cycle for Heat Engines as well as Refrigeration process.