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By B's Notes
Psychology XII - Psychological Disorders and Psychotherapy image

Psychology Class XII Notes on Psychological Disorders and Psychotherapy based on ISC portion. Full Points and Diagrams covered. PPT and PDF formats both accessible. Topics Covered: What is Abnormal Psychology? 4 D's...

By Mathematics Jee Mains & Advanced
Quadratic Equations Lecture Notes for JEE Mains and Advanced image

Ignite your JEE success with my quadratic equations notes – a must-have for acing Mains and Advanced! Dive into hassle-free learning, unraveling quadratic complexities with ease. Packed with practical insights,...

By Mehak Saeed
One way Analysis of Variance notes Stanford university image

These notes will help you in proper learning of ANALYSIS OF VARIANCE in an easy and informative way

By Nafees Ahmad
English Stories/Paragraph Explained image

This is a slide containing five stories and some paragraphs which have been explained. A reader will find them easy to understand and use them as a resource to enrich their vocabulary. These slides would help the reader...

By ABC of Physics
Detailed Notes on 1D Motion image

Here is a PDF of my notes for complete chapter 1D as seen/written by the student during the lecture. Covering a range of topics within rectilinear motion, these notes delve into the core principles governing the motion...

By Medicine_ace academy
Comprehensive Notes on Virology/ USMLE image

Welcome to these comprehensive Virology notes tailored specifically for USMLE preparation. In this concise yet thorough resource, I have distilled the key principles of virology to help you master the essential concepts...

By Medicine_ace academy
Comprehensive Meningitis Medicine Notes image

Welcome to my comprehensive Meningitis Medicine Notes, an invaluable resource for medical professionals, students, and anyone interested in understanding this serious neurological condition. These notes delve deep into...

By Rashmi Raghunath
Nitrogen Fixation image

This ppt describes the nitrogen fixation process, which is the first step of the nitrogen cycle. It includes the steps, catalytic process, chemical reaction, energetics, discussion of nitrogenase structure and function...


Unlock the door to a comprehensive understanding of Banking Law with our meticulously crafted study notes. Tailored for students pursuing a deep dive into the intricacies of Banking Law and Practice, this resource is...

By Dr. Anju
Histology of Cartilage including histology slides, MCQs and short questions image

histology of cartilage includes MCQs, short answers questions and histology slides with identification features. its very helpful for the MBBS students, paramedical students, Nursing and Physiotherpy students.

By Reeju Varghese

The detailed note on Linear Algebra based on GATE 2024 syllabus. Topics covered in the notes:-System of Linear Equations,Gauss Elimination Method, Rank, Vector Space, Subspace, Linear combination and Independnce of...

By Ongolwe notes
CS & ICT Module #1 - The Computer image

Subject Computer studies & ICT Target High school Level Beginner Content outline The computer. Information. Incompatible. Hardwiring. Portable. User. Computer literate. Computing. Task. Data. Processor. Processing....

By S Panneerselvam
Supply Chain Management - Lecture Notes/Lesson Notes image

Supply Chain Management (SCM) - Lecture/Lesson Notes Supply comprises all activities required to deliver products to the customer. This includes designing products, receiving orders, procuring materials, marketing,...

By Electrical Projecthub
Design of OFF Grid/Standalone Solar System for Residential Areas. image

Introducing our cutting-edge off-grid solar system designed for homes, a revolutionary solution that ensures uninterrupted and sustainable energy independence. Our system incorporates high-efficiency solar panels, a...

By Embedded System Design and Development
8081 Stepper Motor Interfacing image

The contents describes characteristics, functions and operation of stpper motor. The interfacing of stepper motor with microcontroller in illustrated in detail with pictorial representation. Also interfacing programming...

By Tutor Stephen ( Essay & Technical Writer)
Financial Statement Notes image

Accounting and Finance in Business Financial Statement Notes and Their Importance in an organization

By M I JAN books
Macro economics notes for intermediate and bachelor's level image

Hello! Every one. These notes are the Crux of my four year bachelor's in economics. This is complete Macroeconomics notes for intermediate and bachelor's level students. These notes includes various definitions of...

By Embedded System Design and Development
Introduction to Microcontroller and Microprocessor image

The fundamental design differences of microcontroller and microprocessor is explained in details along with their differences. Also includes CISC & RISC Instruction archutecture details and comparative analysis of...

By S Panneerselvam
Management Information Systems (MIS) image

Management Information Systems (MIS Syllabus) Course Objectives To educate the students on the need for information systems in business. To envisage and acquiesce with the emerging information technologies/systems...

Part of Volume 1 - Class of Quantitative Aptitude - Concepts on AVERAGE image

Part of Volume 1 - Class of Quantitative Aptitude - Concepts on AVERAGE PRODUCT PREVIEW: Covers all the comprehensive key concepts and short tricks of Subject-Average for cracking any Graduate Level Competitive Exam...