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By Yusra Atif
Commonly Asked Question in Examination Station of OSCE ( undergrads level ) image

Questions related to examination are asked during OSCEs of undergrade level, and it is so confusing to find questions at one place but NOT NOW.This pdf will help you in learning / practicing questions that are commonly...

By Mehak Saeed
One way Analysis of Variance notes Stanford university image

These notes will help you in proper learning of ANALYSIS OF VARIANCE in an easy and informative way

By Cambridge A level Psychology by Ali Baqar
Mood Disorder A2 Psychology image

Move to the next step after completing schizophrenia to understand one of the most common disorders in our current world, depression. Understand the actual meaning of bipolar depression and see how we can measure,...

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By Cambridge A level Psychology by Ali Baqar
Schizophrenia A2 Psychology image

Enter the world of mental disorders with one of the trippiest of them all, Schizophrenia. Understand the diagnostic criteria, reasons for the on-set of the disorder and learn how professionals treat it. A comprehensive...

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By Mary Nasieku
Fire Safety image

Classification of fire- Classes of fire Fire prevention- How to prevent fire occurence. Extinguish fire- How can fire be extinguished Contigency Plan- Cleaning of environment incase of fire

By Rashmi Raghunath
Nitrogen Fixation image

This ppt describes the nitrogen fixation process, which is the first step of the nitrogen cycle. It includes the steps, catalytic process, chemical reaction, energetics, discussion of nitrogenase structure and function...

By Nhlalala
Grade 8 Mastering Maths Integers Study guide image

Unlock the world of numbers with this Grade 8 Study Guide on Mastering Integers. This comprehensive guide is meticulously crafted to empower young learners as they embark on their mathematical journey. Key Features: 1....

By Adiba
text types and language features image

this contains the definitions of audience, context and purpose, as well as different kinds of texts and the differences between formal and informal english.

By Adiba
Language Features and Why They Are Important image

This presentation has features of language that are present in AS/A2 English Language. It has different kinds of figurative devices with their examples and explanations and a few practice examples on how to analyse...

By Rosedale's Shop
Simple, compound and complex sentences - English Grammar (Student's homework: 100% answers image

The below document is a student’s homework answer regarding Simple/Compound/Complex sentences. This document contains a colour-coding layout. Colour-coding specific words that differentiates each type of sentence style,...

By Dr Radhika
Research Methodology - First step image

Researchers cannot miss this one!!! This document helps you enter the world of research at ease and helps your first steps in research easy..First step guide to research problem selection and literature review. Research...

By Theresa Monserrat-Brown
Fundamentals of Project Management image

A comprehensive introduction to adaptive and predictive project management methodologies. Visuals, such diagrams are included. The notes are 8 pages and very organized.

By Ayesha Saddiqa
Difference Between Inertia and Moment of Inertia image

Ten fantastic points that differ between inertia and moment of Inertia, explain how moment of inertia is a rotational analog of Inertial mass.

By Juhaina
solomon's four group design image

This is a note of solomon's fpur group design which a part of statistics module . This note includes a discussion of solomon's four group with an example.

By Muhammed Mubashir

πŸ“š Your Go-To Management Guide is Here! πŸš€ Hey College Crew! πŸŽ“ Ready to upgrade your management game? Our "Introduction to Management" PDF is your academic sidekick, and here's why: πŸ“˜ Simplified Learning: No more...

By Aniqa
*General Pharmacology Presentations with material from Lippincott and Katzung image

General pharmacology presentations with material from Lippincott and Katzung They include a total of 14 presentations with easy to understand language, perfect for healthcare professionals from diploma to Masters level...

By EL Hassane Chbihi Quadouri
Tenses and Time: A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Grammar image

Unlock the power of precise communication with 'Tenses and Time: A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Grammar.' This essential handbook is your gateway to constructing flawless sentences and mastering the intricate...

By Gaurav Singh
Typical Configuration of Computer System image

Notes for Typical Configuration of Computer System.docx.pdf -32 MB Summary - **Typical Configuration of Computer System**: The page explains the basic components and functions of a computer system, such as CPU,...

By Iam Vijay
AWS Teaching Notes (This include complete practical and important points) image

Adding notes which are related to AWS services and indepth info with important points.. You can follow the class notes and feel free to get in touch to know more about them.

By Learning Zone
Blockchain Technology image

"Blockchain Technology is a decentralized, transparent, and secure ledger system where information is stored in blocks that are linked together, forming an immutable chain. Key components include decentralization,...