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Beginner Lesson notes

By B's Notes
Psychology XII - Stress and Stress Management Typed Notes image

Psychology Class XII Notes on Stress and Stress Management based on ISC portion. Full Points and Diagrams covered. Topics Covered: What is stress|Types of Stress GAS Model by Hans Selye Cognitive Appraisal by...

By ABC of Physics
Detailed Notes on 1D Motion image

Here is a PDF of my notes for complete chapter 1D as seen/written by the student during the lecture. Covering a range of topics within rectilinear motion, these notes delve into the core principles governing the motion...

By Dr Radhika
Research Methodology - First step image

Researchers cannot miss this one!!! This document helps you enter the world of research at ease and helps your first steps in research easy..First step guide to research problem selection and literature review. Research...

By EL Hassane Chbihi Quadouri
Tenses and Time: A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Grammar image

Unlock the power of precise communication with 'Tenses and Time: A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Grammar.' This essential handbook is your gateway to constructing flawless sentences and mastering the intricate...

By Iam Vijay
AWS Teaching Notes (This include complete practical and important points) image

Adding notes which are related to AWS services and indepth info with important points.. You can follow the class notes and feel free to get in touch to know more about them.

By Safa
NumPy - Python Fundamentals notes for Beginners image

By reading these notes, you will be able to learn, understand and write some code using the NumPy library in Python.

By Promise Miracle
The Periodic Table (1) image

Topic: The Periodic Table (1): Lecture Note Format: PDF (PowerPoint of 24 slides) Class: Beginners and Intermediates Lesson note content: Lesson objectives, evaluation questions, bullet points, tables etc

By Promise Miracle
Nature of matter (CLASS NOTE: Presentation 46 slides with evaluation questions etc.) image

Topic: Nature of Matter (lesson note) Subject: Chemistry Class: Beginners and Intermediate Formate: PDF (PowerPoint presentation of 46 slides) Lesson note Features/Content: lesson objectives, evaluation questions,...