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By Faraz M
English Assignment- Analysis, Assessment & Critique of a featured Article, Pro-Life? image

If you are due for an ASSIGNMENT, here is a detailed analysis of a first person article. You will score above 90%. In this assignment I have broken down a first person article, published on CBC digital news website,...

By Anders Rojas
Diffussion of water vapor through air image

This product contains an example of how calculate or determine the rate of evaporation of water when the process is controlled for the mass transpor by diffussion. Water surface remains placid while the air initially...

By Statistics past papers, assignments solutions
MATH-104 STATISTICS, Assignment Solution, Week-19, First year, Lancaster University image

The pdf includes handwritten solutions to the following questions. CW 19.10. CPI: Table 1 gives the consumer price index (CPI) for the UK, US, France, and Germany from 2009 to 2018. CPI is a measure of the change in...

By STEM with DK Swami
8th Grade Science Workbook: Master the Basics and Prepare for Exams image

This workbook covers all the important topics in grade 8 science, including: Matter and its properties Life processes Earth and space science Physical science Science and technology Each topic...

By Ruwantha Dissanayake
SolidWorks 3D Model Design and Help on Projects - Example of Toggle Clamp 3D Model image

This is a 3D Model designed by me using SolidWorks 2020 software. I have experience on designing these kind of 3D Models and helping on your projects. I am responsible to provide you the source files on every project...

By Pratik Prahladka
Heat & Thermo - Carnot Cycle image

This video contains derivation for workig of Carnot's cycle for Heat Engines as well as Refrigeration process.

By Subramanian M
Chemical Process Calculations - Atomic Balance and Extent of Reaction Method image

Explanation of Solution Methodology of Atomic Balance Method and Extent of Reaction Method for Solving Material Balance with Reactions. Two typical examples are given.

By Anders Rojas
4 Solved Exercises on the Design of Sand Traps for Water Treatment image

This product contains 4 solved exercises on the design of sand traps for water treatment. It is divided in 4 archives. The excercises come from a 2020 test applied in Universidad De NariƱo in Colombia.