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By Yusra Atif
Hand wahing day worksheet image

Hand Washing Day Worksheet for providing basics of hand washing day and typhoid fever. 30 questions worksheet with pictures that make it interesting for kids.

By Nash Zuñiga
Worksheet on Decimals - Addition and Subtraction image

*Total of 25 questions: I. (10) problems - addition of decimals II. (10) problems - subtraction of decimals III. (5) word problems

By Nash Zuñiga
Worksheet on Fractions - Multiplication and Division image

*Total of 25 questions: I. (10) problems - multiplication of fractions II. (10) problems - division of fractions III. (5) word problems *Solutions are presented in long method but cancellation method (with GCF) is still...

By ClassInnovate Resources
Math Worksheet: Lets Add and Subtract image

Help your little learners master the foundations of math with this engaging worksheet! Designed for: Preschoolers and early elementary students Children who are building number sense Kids who need extra practice...

By Educational Academy - Online Store
Math Bundle - Fifth Grade Decimals Worksheets image

Details: *Math Worksheets
*Best for Fifth grade

 Topics Included : 1. Decimal Expanded form 2. Arrange Decimals 3. Decimal Conversion 4. Decimals as Fractions 5. Decimal Addition 6. Decimal Subtraction 7. Decimal...

By AnnithaSLP
Articulation drill book- ch sounds image

This material is digital and printable. It has 52 items and 6 activities. The book focus to improve the pronounciation of Ch sound. The activities are fascinating which children love to perform it. It is helpful...

By AnnithaSLP
L sound- Articulation drill book image

It is a digital and printable material. It has 96 practice items and 6 activities. It helps in the correct pronunciations. of L sound. It has tasks in a hierarchy from isolation to sentence or conversation level. The...

By Parakrama Keerthisinghe
Mastering Programming Fundamentals for University Entrance Examinations image

The "Programming Fundamentals" product is a comprehensive tutorial encompassing core concepts essential for university entrance exams. It covers programming languages (Python, Java, C++), control structures, functions,...

15 USD
By Statistics and Probability
Solved Exercises of Introductory Statistics image

These documents contain selected solved exercises from the book "Introductory Statistics by Openstax College". Solution is provided from chapter 1 to chapter 13 and the details of the exercises is provided in...

By Rahel
Powerpoint Presentation on Friction. Friction worksheet included image

Special introductory offer. Price will increase soon. This Physlics lesson on Friction comes with a powerpoint and worksheet. If you are teaching students from the UK or anywhere in the West, this lesson might be...

0.50 USD
By Zeeshan Khan
IGCSE/GCE Chemistry Topical Past Paper( MCQ's, Theory, ATP) image

This is a IGCSE/GCE past papers topical questions which helps the student for the better understanding of the topics and to achieve higher grade in these subjects. It also includes the topical ATP questions as well.

10 USD
By Empowered English with Karen Lau
Printable Worksheets for Teaching the Short Vowel Sounds: Color the Pictures image

Your students will enjoy learning phonics with the TEACH ME KIDS. This PRINTABLE resource has 5 worksheets for teaching the short vowel sounds, initial consonants and letter / sound correspondence. There is 1 page for...

By English studies @shreyac
English Worksheet For Middle School Students image

This product is eligible from middle school for reading and appreciating story writing and poem Building reading comprehension skills Growing word power Creativity

By Mrs. J's Teacher Store
"What's On Your Plate?" Writing Activity image

This is a fun, but simple writing activity. Students will use fine motor skills by having to cut/paste food items onto their plate. Then they will write about their favorite foods using a "helper prompt".

1.18 USD
By Brightbud Brains
Draw and Write Booklet for Kids image

This captivating book is the perfect companion for children who are eager to explore the depths of their creativity.Inside this magical book, you'll find an array of exciting and thought-provoking creative writing...

By Kคຮђ'ຮ Store
Parts of Speech Worksheet image

Parts Of Speech There are eight parts of speech in English Language Noun pronoun verb adverb ajective conjunction preposition and interjection In this worksheet, all are eights parts of speech...

By Lingoland by Sakshi
Hoja de trabajo sobre Los Números image

These Spanish worksheets for kids practice and review numbers 0-100. There are lots of different activities and each activity is designed to practice vocabulary in a way that will help your students learn Spanish...

By Abdul Careem Shafna
Mathematics worksheets for Grade 08 image

Mathematics advances worksheets with various simple to complex questions and answer sheets which will assist students to prepare not only for exams but also for the next stage in their Mathematics journey in many...

By Abdul Careem Shafna
Mathematics Worksheets on Rounding image

Rounding Worksheets with Answers help in enhancing logical thinking, automatic recall of rounding facts and boost confidence in students. Supporting in depth learning: Rounding worksheets form an integral part of the...

By Adnan Zaidi
Mathematics and Calculus lectures image

Exclusive lectures covering: CAIE O level Additional Mathematics and Maths Syllabus D AS and A level Mathematics [P1/ P3/ S1/ S2/ M1] College Calculus [Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3]