Grade 6 Worksheet resources

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Grade 6 Worksheet resources

By Yusra Atif
Hand wahing day worksheet image

Hand Washing Day Worksheet for providing basics of hand washing day and typhoid fever. 30 questions worksheet with pictures that make it interesting for kids.

By Nash Zuñiga
Worksheet on Decimals - Addition and Subtraction image

*Total of 25 questions: I. (10) problems - addition of decimals II. (10) problems - subtraction of decimals III. (5) word problems

By Nash Zuñiga
Worksheet on Fractions - Multiplication and Division image

*Total of 25 questions: I. (10) problems - multiplication of fractions II. (10) problems - division of fractions III. (5) word problems *Solutions are presented in long method but cancellation method (with GCF) is still...

By Educational Academy - Online Store
Math Bundle - Fifth Grade Decimals Worksheets image

Details: *Math Worksheets
*Best for Fifth grade

 Topics Included : 1. Decimal Expanded form 2. Arrange Decimals 3. Decimal Conversion 4. Decimals as Fractions 5. Decimal Addition 6. Decimal Subtraction 7. Decimal...

By English studies @shreyac
English Worksheet For Middle School Students image

This product is eligible from middle school for reading and appreciating story writing and poem Building reading comprehension skills Growing word power Creativity

By Kคຮђ'ຮ Store
Parts of Speech Worksheet image

Parts Of Speech There are eight parts of speech in English Language Noun pronoun verb adverb ajective conjunction preposition and interjection In this worksheet, all are eights parts of speech...