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Workbook resources

By Annitha G
S and Sh minimal pairs workbook image

Minimal pairs of s and sh sound. It is a digital printable materials. It can be used in teletherapy or in classrooms. It has 2 PDFs. Flash cards and a work sheet. A set of 27 flashcards+ a visual cue card. The activity...

By Lazy Books
Printable/Digital Reading Arabic Alphabets for Beginners Book 1 image

Welcome to "Arabic Is Fun : Reading Book 1 : Unlocking Alphabets, Two-Letter Words, and Diacritics". Take a fascinating journey into the Arabic language, where the art of comprehension and the beauty of writing collide....

By STEM with DK Swami
8th Grade Science Workbook: Master the Basics and Prepare for Exams image

This workbook covers all the important topics in grade 8 science, including: Matter and its properties Life processes Earth and space science Physical science Science and technology Each topic...

By Lazy Books
Printable/Digital Tracing Arabic Alphabets for Beginners Book 1 image

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Arabic script with the first book in our series: "Tracing Arabic Alphabets: Initial and Beginning Forms (ب - بـ)". Perfect for beginners of all ages, this book offers a...