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By S Panneerselvam
Supply Chain Management - Lecture Notes/Lesson Notes image

Supply Chain Management (SCM) - Lecture/Lesson Notes Supply comprises all activities required to deliver products to the customer. This includes designing products, receiving orders, procuring materials, marketing,...

By David MN
Western Civilization image

This is a five page paper on Western civilization. The paper focuses on Europe and the true definition of a continent.

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By David MN
Near Light-speed Space Travel image

This is a 3 full pages, single-spaced paper on Near Light-Speed Space Travel. The paper specifically covers: Near light-speed space travel, Human hibernation (for long space trips), and iquid breathing and immersion (to...

25 USD
By Mansoor Mustafa
GCE O level and IGCSE Physics - Mass, Weight and Density - Structured Questions image

"Welcome, aspiring physicists, to 'Unveiling Mass, Weight, and Density: Structured Questions for O Level and IGCSE Physics.' Today, we embark on an insightful journey into the core concepts that govern mass, weight, and...

By Mansoor Mustafa
GCE O level and IGCSE Physics - Kinematics and Dynamics- Structured Questions image

This worksheets contails the most repeated and important past paper structured questions for the topic of Kienmatics and Dynamics for the O level and IGCSE Physics, Purpose of this worksheet is to enhance the question...

By Mahhum Qayyum
Obs & Gynae Quick revision notes image

Here I present to you quick notes for Obs and Gynae which helped me clear my final professional exam.

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By Pratit Kandel
Associative memory in Neural network image

This note sheds light on the concept of associative memory in the neural network and its types. Additionally, the ideas of Hopfield Network (HN) and Bi-directional Associative Memory (BAM) along with their training...

By Electrical Projecthub
Design of OFF Grid/Standalone Solar System for Residential Areas. image

Introducing our cutting-edge off-grid solar system designed for homes, a revolutionary solution that ensures uninterrupted and sustainable energy independence. Our system incorporates high-efficiency solar panels, a...

By Embedded System Design and Development
8081 Stepper Motor Interfacing image

The contents describes characteristics, functions and operation of stpper motor. The interfacing of stepper motor with microcontroller in illustrated in detail with pictorial representation. Also interfacing programming...

By Embedded System Design and Development
8051 interfacing with DAC image

Interfacing of 8051 with dual DAC (DAC0808) in explained step by step.Also programming using Embedded C is shouwn to generate dsquare and sine waves using DAC.

By Tutor Stephen ( Essay & Technical Writer)
Financial Statement Notes image

Accounting and Finance in Business Financial Statement Notes and Their Importance in an organization

By Tutor Stephen ( Essay & Technical Writer)
State Sponsored Terrorism, International Terrorism and the US Legislations image

Week 7 Questions In 300 words, explain the concepts of the "Clash of Civilizations"; and how do these competing concepts contribute to state sponsored terrorism? Please ensure you list your references and use relevant...

By M I JAN books
Macro economics notes for intermediate and bachelor's level image

Hello! Every one. These notes are the Crux of my four year bachelor's in economics. This is complete Macroeconomics notes for intermediate and bachelor's level students. These notes includes various definitions of...

By Dr Radhika
Research study protocol preparation - EASY TIPS image

This document will help you write your research protocol at ease. Step by step template is available which can be filled up easily by the researcher. Any new researcher would understand the points to be mastered in...

By Bello Abdullaaahi
Mathematics Foundation Step by Step image

Embark on a dynamic journey into the world of "Mathematics Foundation Step by Step." This course preview offers a glimpse into the excitement awaiting high school students. From unlocking the magic of numbers to...

By Adiba
text types and language features image

this contains the definitions of audience, context and purpose, as well as different kinds of texts and the differences between formal and informal english.

By NiqabiArt
Ramadaan Children's Coloring and Activity Book image

Ramadaan is around the corner. Get your child well prepared for this beautiful month by using this coloring and activity book. It is ideal for use before and during Ramadaan. It prepares your child for the special...

By AnnithaSLP
Articulation drill book- ch sounds image

This material is digital and printable. It has 52 items and 6 activities. The book focus to improve the pronounciation of Ch sound. The activities are fascinating which children love to perform it. It is helpful...

By AnnithaSLP
L sound- Articulation drill book image

It is a digital and printable material. It has 96 practice items and 6 activities. It helps in the correct pronunciations. of L sound. It has tasks in a hierarchy from isolation to sentence or conversation level. The...

By Khibra Thahseen
VLSI handwritten assignment image

This is handwritten assignment of VLSI, which has answers to following questions 1.Bubble pushing implement y=(a+b)^2 using bubble pushing concept. 2.Implement NAND/AND circuits using differentiation cascade voltage...