Plan ahead and organize

I never planned when I was in school. That’s just how I rolled. Now I know what I missed. 

Myths about planning that I bought into [not anymore]

It’s not flexible It takes time It won’t work (I just knew it instinctively. Bad instincts!!) It’s all in my head.  Eh. I don’t know (sadly, the most popular) Here’s the thing. 

Give it just one day. We spend hundred of hours on candy crush and angry birds. Just spend 5 minutes (it won’t probably even take that long) to plan out...

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Intensify focus

"Your ability to work single-mindedly on your most important task will contribute as much to your success as any other discipline you can develop." -Brian Tracy

Attention span in Humans is about an average of 20 minutes. After that concentration starts to drop sharply. That’s when you see the students dozing in the class or just sit glass eyed.

In the last chapter, Build hunger for learning, we learnt techniques for generating interest which helps students to focus. In this...

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Stop Multitasking, start monotasking

We are multitasking more than ever before. Multitasking is now glorified to such an extent that people who can’t do it are considered somewhat slow.

However, the concept of multitasking is flawed. It is scientifically proven that you don’t really multitask because you can’t.

So what happens when you think you are multitasking?

You shift focus from one thing to other rapidly giving an illusion of multitasking. This is even true for the females who are generally much better...

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Which field of study to chose to earn maximum $$$

Every year, millions of students have a hard time deciding which field to study. "Should I pursue Medical or Non-Medical?", "Should I chose Arts or Commerce?"

Various studies confirm that most people don’t work in the field of study they graduated. In fact, according to a research study, only 27.3% of people work in a profession related to their chosen field of study. 

I don’t have any data, but I guess that only 10% of engineers work in the field related to their major. I, for...

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College major to choose when no specific interest

Earlier, we discussed how to chose a college major or a school stream when you are interested in a particular field but are confused due to opportunities.

This post is for people who don’t specific interest in any field.

If you are still reading, I would assume you are one of those who are clueless because of so many options and no particular interest. 

It’s OK. You are not alone. In fact, you are in the majority - not that it’s a good thing but still, you are in the...

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How to Build hunger for learning in students?

Would you agree that a positive mental attitude is very important for learning, or for almost everything?

In fact, without a positive learning state which is primed for learning, you won’t be able to learn anything.

The real question is: how do you get your students into that learning state?

Before the learning starts, you want to build a hunger for it. Here are few things you would like to stroke in your students to build their desire for learning.

Desire and...

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Learning Maps

Above is a mind map I made for myself.

Learning maps help you visualize topics and concepts in different shapes and colors which act as another way to remember things which you need to remember.

This is how you do it:

You start with the circle at the center of the page with the theme of the subject you are learning.

You then draw the sub-branches which link to circles which have sub-themes of the concerned subject. You can use different colored lines – small...

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Analogies - A great learning tool

Education is like clothes, no one size fits all.

The above quote relates the abstract concept of education with clothes, which are physical. This relation makes the idea of customized education more accessible to the reader.

Analogies can do that. That’s why they are a great learning tool.

Teachers and students have to deal with a lot of abstract concepts. If you relate those concepts with things you already understand, understanding the new becomes a little easier. 


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I don't know

I secretly believe that I know a lot - a lot more than a lot of people (and I am kinda proud of it). 

However, I also know that there’s a lot of stuff that I don’t know and that’s OK. There is no shame or regret. You can’t know everything. You can only strive to know and understand as much as possible about things you love or things that matter to you.

I am a teacher and I say "I don’t know" regularly, in the class and out of it. It’s not only because I am humble, even...

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You matter at teacheron

After stellar success of, we decided to build something even better for you. We call it

Principles of previous versions TutorIndia, the forerunner of TeacherOn was built on certain key principals:

Information should be free - People who can not afford to pay should not be forced to.  Ease of operation - You should be able to create student and teacher profile easily and able to contact each other easily. We even kept phone numbers public. No website...

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