Why is there a wait time to apply to jobs

I have received hundreds of emails from premium members requesting early access to jobs.

We put a lot of time and effort to implement this feature. However, now we are getting emails from non-premium (but paid) members suggesting that the wait is unfair and we are somehow getting greedy.

Why did we do it the way we did?

Giving early access to premium members was obvious and fair. So the decision to give them early access was easy.


All premium members are...

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How to remove personal data from Google

We remove your details from TeacherOn instantly. After that Google automatically removes it after a certain time (which is random and difficult to predict). We can’t control what Google and other search engines show but we can request to speed up the removal process. Here’s how you do it.

For students: Just close your post(s). Have a latte. We will request Google to remove your data immediately.

For teachers: Settings at TeacherOn - You have three options to hide your profile from...

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Why is my data showing up on Google

Google stores our website data like millions of other websites. We don’t have active control over what Google stores, and that data is not always up to date. However, you can request Google to remove a link using their Request removal tool.

Teachers If you have deleted/inactivated your teaching profile but it’s still showing up on google search, copy the link as is displayed in Google search results and request Google to remove it using Google url removals tool.

Students If you...

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The honesty update

Hi, I am Arun, founder of teacheron.com

Ever since the inception of teacheron.com, I wanted to:

Give priority access and reduce the cost for teachers who pay. Serve people even if they don’t pay, because some people just can’t. Make it painfully difficult for spammers to bother teachers and students. Reward teachers for their honesty and civility. Also, pricing every job at 50 coins was wrong. Some jobs are not worth applying. Some jobs pay a lot. For eg., A Maths home tutoring...

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How to get students and teaching jobs

I have been asked this question in million different ways. To be honest, it’s competitive. When you are competing for a single job with thousands of other teachers - especially for online teaching jobs, it’s difficult to stand out.

In my experience, nothing you do is guaranteed. However, as in life, we work hard and increase the probabiliites in our favour. So here are few things you can do to increase your chance of getting students on teacheron.com and on other sites as well.


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How to teach online - Comprehensive guide for teachers

I receive many queries regarding online teaching often asking questions similar to what I already answered hundreds of times. To help more people without having to repeat, I compiled all the questions and some more to make a comprehensive guide to online teaching which I hope will help many teachers who are new or unaware of this. This guide is not an end in itself but is an excellent starting point. If you are an experienced online teacher and have any feedback or additions, please feel free...

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School of TeacherOn

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.

Einstein Background While cycling back home, I saw people protesting about the astronomical fee structure and increasing (mandatory) donations of private schools. They wanted the fee to be regulated.

I started thinking to myself that they are called private schools for a reason. They can do whatever they want. Maybe I should open a school and do...

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How not to teach - Examples of bad teaching

Some teachers are good, and others lack common sense. I hope this post serves as a guide for giving bad examples to make sure students don’t understand anything.
These are some of the bad examples I encountered as a student.

How not to teach exponents? Teacher:  This is how we solve exponents. (After some theory.. blah blah).. So to solve 22 we multiply two with itself twice which is 2*2 = 4. Does everyone understand how exponents work?

Students: Yeah. We get it.  22 = 2 x 2...

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Can't get hired? Great!!

It really feels like the end of the world when you don’t get hired, especially when everybody else seems to get hired easily and at decent packages.

At least that’s the way I felt during college campus recruitment.

Given the fact that I am the most relaxed person I know, I can only imagine what others feel in similar situations. 

It’s very easy to beat yourself up for not being what others want, not trying hard enough, being myopic in the past, and other self-deprecating...

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Focus on skill, not school

WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg, mentioned in an interview that he wasn’t happy with his college because they were still teaching old technologies like Microsoft Visual Basic in 2002. Our colleges in India today, in 2016, still teach the same. The real tragedy is that you can’t even find Visual Basic software. In spite of that, the syllabus hasn’t changed.

What you learn at college is already outdated Colleges don’t teach technology; they teach the history of technology, things which...

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