Get paid in USD via crypto exchanges

Many of our teachers were having trouble receiving funds in their local bank accounts. We were trying to find a way to send funds faster with minimum cost to the teachers.

We can now send your money via crypto faster at no cost to you.

Please enter your crypto address in the Payout settings to receive your money. 

How to find my crypto address?

We send money in USD Coin (USDC) using the Solana network. We have made tutorial videos so you can give us the right address. 

Tutorial For Mobile app Website Mobile app Website Mobile app Website

How is it better than PayPal?

Paypal takes 5 or more days before releasing the payment. With a crypto exchange like Coinbase, you can withdraw funds instantly.

PayPal charges about 5% for receiving money. For payments less than $100, this percentage goes even higher.

With crypto, it's totally free.

How much will this cost you?

Nothing. There is no fee deducted for the money we send you.

Why are we using crypto instead of sending money directly to the bank account?

Moving money internationally - via programming - to over 170 countries - is a lot of work - and very expensive.

Also, our PayPal accounts and bank accounts were shut down while trying to send money internationally without any warning or reason.

Crypto money solves all of these problems.

Is receiving payments in crypto safe?

Crypto is risky when you are betting on coins that vary in price over time (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.).

But, we send payment in USD Coin (USDC), which is always equal to USD, i.e., 1USDC = 1 USD. When we pay you in USDC, you can withdraw it in your local currency at the exchange rate of USD.

How much time does it take to withdraw money from a crypto exchange?

It's instantaneous for Coinbase. Time in other exchanges may vary. Time may also vary based on your country. In any case, it's faster than PayPal, which holds payments for 5 days or more.

Which exchange should I use to receive money? - We recommend Coinbase due to its zero withdrawal fee. is great but has a minimum withdrawal limit of 100 USD, which might not work for everybody.
Binance charges a $15 withdrawal fee and is, therefore, too expensive for most of our teachers.

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